The Path of the Centaur Connection - Human’s spiritual evolution though the way of horses

Being in the horse industry as I have and a horse lover on my own personal journey, I have seen a lot of personal growth in people due to the impact that horses have played in their spiritual evolution. I have seen trainers grow and change from hardened individuals to philanthropists and students turn into masters. I have seen first hand the physical healing effect horses have on humans. All of these people that I have known over the years have horses to thank for their spiritual growth. I feel that the biggest influence a horse has on me comes in the moment that I feel a connection between us as One - the Centaur Connection.

I have an overwhelming appreciation and gratitude for the friendship that arises in these moments, the Centaur Connection that comes from our training experiences together. This experience catapults me into an overwhelming awareness to all that surrounds me in nature and to the universe as a whole.


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