Return to Freedom

I went to Return to Freedom and just got back. I have my Insider Circle and extended Circle classes right now so I did not have much time to spend there. I left Tuesday for Return to Freedom and returned last night on Wednesday at 3 in the morning. I am just a little woosey.I took my mother, Apollo, and Kai who is a working student. I was going up for several reasons. One being to give Kai a lesson with wild horses. I also needed to  see a couple of horses for my programs and see Neda De Mayo of Return to Freedom about  the upcoming Webzine in regards to her contributions on the current issues regarding wild horses and contributing a journal page in my webzine on wild horse observations that are also current. Donations from you, my readers to Return to Freedom non-profit wild horse sanctuary are very welcome and allows me to go up there more often and work with her wild horses.

It took  four and a half hours to get there which was the expected time. We left at high noon. When we got there I gave a lesson to Kai with a Wilbur-Cruce stallion, a representation of the early colonial spanish mission barb. Diamante, a  flashy Pinto with blue eyes who is trained in my method and rideable. Kai became my remote control dancer and the magic happened as I directed him with no preparations in what I was going to ask of him. I just barked out orders to back up, turn around and so on. Diamante was electric, Kai was a bit suprised. I had not prepared him in how I would approach his lesson and it did not seem to matter at all because it was like they had known each other for a life time. Someone took pictures and life in those moments was good and set the stage for every thing that took place in those two action-packed days.

While the dancing was going on, Apollo was on a leash meeting two ranch dogs, one of questional intent, a chow mix that had a history of dog aggression and an Australian Shepherd that was pretty friendly. There were a few tense moments but Apollo knew just how to handle them. They swarmed around Apollo very aggressively, at least to me it seemed that way and the guy that was working at the ranch called Apollo a hacky sack, which is a small cloth ball that you keep in the air with your foot. Apollo was in his element and marched around like he owned the place marking every thing he would find with the dogs on this tail. Well, he is a german Loewchen which translates as little lion, nomen est omen they say. There was no harsh words exchanged and in a short  time Apollo earned his freedom by the smart choices he made in how to handle his new friends and rivals. I think Apollo had the most fun but we humans had just about as much fun. The next day both Kai and I worked with three horses and I gave a lesson to a friend of Nedas. We walked in fields of wild horses and the horses turned us into groomers.  They were very demanding and we loved it.

Kai got to work with a wild horse that I felt was the epitome of how wild horses can behave when they are very untrusting and not domesticated. The energy was amazing. And now were are all back home. When I woke up Apollo was full of fleas and had to be taken to the vet. He told me it was well worth and we all agreed. I guess him visiting the pigs could have had something to do with it. May your weekend be as entertaining as our two days and remember to watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.


Interviews with Linda Kohanov

I've just heard from Mark at HorseConscious that Linda Kohanov is returning for the second of her calls, where she will be talking about Rasa, the mare who was the inspiration for her early work and books as well as exploring further the topic of her new book 'The Power Of the Herd'. The book explores a new kind of leadership for the 21st century based on what we have learned from horses and their unique style of community and leadership. People loved the first call Linda did, to listen to the replay of the call, go to: (click LISTEN IN at the bottom of that page to hear call #1)

Be sure therefore to listen in to the second call, which is on Saturday 1st October at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK / 7pm Europe. Here is the link:

I also hear that they will be revealing how you can get EXCLUSIVE access to Linda's new book - so make sure you don't miss the call!




Ps: I would like to share the following video with you: Return to Freedom