Racehorses - How we can help - part 2

Hi. I’d like to continue today with my thoughts on racehorses and how we can help them. One big problem I see is how to get people to give up a lifestyle of joy and celebration around the love of horseracing when its history is full of legends, heroes and greats. There are many honourable traditions of horseracing and many families live these traditions, worship famous trainers, jockeys and horses that love to run like Eight Belles.

Let’s not forget about the money, personal self worth, joy and drama that surround the racing industry. It seems like a mammoth undertaking to try and change it, doesn’t it? Much like riding a horse towards a jump that you know you can’t make and on the other side is the unknown… could be it’s an eight-foot drop ending in a hopeless crash. It's pretty scary and maybe the smart thing would be to stop trying. But you can’t do that either because of the anger, guilt and gnawing in your stomach.


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