The Code Of Conduct

To understand the Waterhole Rituals and how the pecking order of horses function in a way that brings about the well-being of the herd, even to support the weakest individual, we need to look at the conditions that exist in nature that create herd behavior. For horses to survive in nature, they need to stay in a herd. What prevents horses from beating up on each other is the need to stay together for their safety, as well as the open spaces that they live in, which give them freedom to choose who stays in the herd, and who goes. If a horse is too self-serving and aggressive, the herd has the ability to banish them. Likewise, a horse can only join a herd when they show they can fit in harmoniously.

I have never cared for referring to the pecking order of horses. I prefer to call it picking order. One of the main reasons family bands get established is a stallion’s need to win the favor of a mare so that she will go off and form a new band with him. In the beginning of a relationship, as these bands are being formed, the stallion must put forth his best behavior. These groups or bands grow through horses’ respect and consideration for each other, and their need to develop a strong bond.

For a group to stay together, they must court each other on a daily basis. It is in the nature of horses to adjust their attitude through the bonding rituals. These adjustments take care of horses becoming too aggressive or self-serving. As the bond between individuals grows, there is always an adjustment of rude behavior that resurfaces from time to time in the relationships they share.

As you are going along with the Waterhole Rituals, resetting the respect and engaging in bonding interactions with your horse is essential for a deepening of the relationship.

In fact, horses enjoy the dynamic shifts that occur from these adjustments. If we think about it, in our own marriages and relationships, we have occasional breaks of “nice” and arguments, and that’s what gives spice to the relationship. It is what creates the bond to grow deeper and the magnetic connection to flourish, both in horses and humans.

So, don’t be disappointed when you need to make these adjustments. If you think about it, we like these adjustments within our own friendships. It’s what brings spice to a marriage, if we care more for the outcome to be heartfelt.

The weekend is here. I want to remind everyone to watch out for New Horse and Human Sightings. I had one, just last week: Apollo, my dog, ran up the hill and grabbed some sort of dead carcass. He usually will not give it up, and I have to pry his mouth open and also worry about getting bit, so he can keep his find. This time, as he was standing at least twenty feet away from me, I asked him to spit it out, and he did!

Also, don’t forget Robin’s clinic on September 4-5, in Sebastopol, CA, just north of San Francisco, very close to Santa Rosa.

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PS Insider Circle and In a Box people - look out for an email over the weekend regarding the extension training I promised you called: Beyond the Waterhole Rituals: WRIC Clinic