Liberty Dancing with Your Horse

Wondering how to begin Liberty Dancing with Your Horse?

The "Beyond the Waterhole Rituals" students of 2011 will show you... it is easy, you begin with a smile and "Step By Step"... We've just finished the "Beyond The Waterhole Rituals" clinic and would love to share the week in photos with you... horse meditations, single lining, Nia body awareness dance classes, new friends, wild horses, liberty dancing, inspiration and lots of laughter.

Beyond The Waterhole Rituals Class of 2011

Magnetic Bond with Rosalie

Taking Territory ~ Reed Game

Liberty Dancing with Rosalie

Nia Body Awareness Dance Class

Chip & Page ~ Wild Horses Nap Time

Carrot Game

Liberty Dancing with Rosalie

Single Lining

Keeping the Magnetic Connection even AFTER tack comes into play...

Till next week... Remember to watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you,