Inspired By Emily

Today I want to share with you part of a response to one of my Insider Circle students that I thought might be of interest to my bloggers: It is important for mankind to see value of nurturing a bond with others and to care about them more than our self-serving needs. Whether it be horses or two leggeds.

Within the bond, there is an ebb and a flow. There is a time to connect, and a time to pause, and that if you communicate only in the flow when you are completely at peace within yourself, your communication develops an alignment in others.

It is important to understand that by adjusting your communication and by speaking only when you are aligned with source energy, it creates a magnetic willingness in others to follow your leadership. This way, peace on the planet and source energy can flow freely, helping mankind to achieve his higher self. Horses of all the animals can teach these values from the connection we feel that is natural in us to feel.

As You Practice the Rituals… What will help you to reach your goals is not to care whether or not you achieve them. It is important to truly become the student of LIFE and that you have nothing to prove to the world at this time of your journey. From this place, the spirit of a horse will find you and be drawn to you. Sharing Territory is designed to be a meditation to focus on the changes of energy in the moment, the inner peace within you, and the awareness of nature in harmony with your horse. It is important to lose all of your goals that you want your horse to fulfill for you in order to gain them. You are now at the point of your journey to focus on the moment bringing you harmony and unity deep down inside of you. In this state, you will notice your goals drifting away like fluffy clouds. For the loss of your goals, you will gain your authentic self, and a knowing. You will gain an inner peace; and your horse’s peace will be enough for you to become completely fulfilled. You will begin to turn into a new person allowing your goals to take on a new direction.

When you get to this step, the next step will come from a magical support of source energy. You may discover a support you never knew existed. Look to the unknown and follow your heart and the code of conduct that nature provides.

Imagine there are no people to teach. There is no one but yourself in a world of horses. This is where your true heart can grow and dance. Having joy for everything as it is, is the first step- and it is a BIG ONE.

Practicing the Waterhole Rituals is not so much about finding what your horse wants to do, as much as you building your horse’s ability to enjoy new horizons of connection. From the practice of the Waterhole Rituals you are wanting to develop in your horse a desire to fit in with you and bond with you as deeply as it would with another horse, and to develop a care taking nature. The Waterhole Rituals are about taking the time to help your horse to become more social and more responsible and happy with the desire for your leadership- In the same way your horse would feel if she was in a herd of horses in nature that she is bonded to; or, like a foal and its mother, when the mother is loving and kind and educates her foal in how to communicate, and fit in and keep up with the herd. This same mother would teach her foal how to set boundaries and to guide the foal to understand how to remove the boundaries of other horses, and to teach her foal how to be accepted by others.

CLINIC ANNOUNCEMENT: The focus of the winter workshop “Beyond the Waterhole Rituals- Taking the Rituals Forward” here at my ranch will be on self realization through horses. This year, we will be working with a much larger group of horses from my ranch and other facilities in the San Diego area. Focus will be on our approach with different temperaments, personalities, and backgrounds to get to know the true individual.

This class is only open to the Insider Circle and Extended Circle students, as well as my private clinic students and students who have worked directly with me as well as my Certified Instructors. There is a limit of 10 people so that we can really expand our personal growth. Registration will be open this Thursday. The dates of the clinic will be December 1-8, 2011. Seats WILL GO FAST. Click here to register today.

FALL INSIDER CIRCLE and EXTENDED CIRCLE CLASS: Great News! The dates have been selected for the fall Insider and Extended Circle class! The start date is August 28, 2011. More information will be coming over the coming weeks regarding registration.

In this course, we will focus on how to develop a deep heart felt connection through your leadership activities by learning how to dance with your horse at liberty in harmony and unity.

The Purpose: The purpose of this online class is to offer an affordable convenient way to work directly with me. In this online school, you get to work with your horse when it is convenient. As an added benefit, you do not need to haul your horse anywhere, and you will have lots of people to meet that have the same interests!

Curriculum: You will learn how to use the Waterhole Rituals at liberty with my personal guidance. It is my way for me to connect with you and your horse from our communication online, as well as through conference calls twice monthly, the videos you send me that I analyze, and the library of videos of different individual horses I have stated with the Waterhole Rituals. They will give you a wealth of ideas in how you want to approach your horse.

The Extended Circle: The Extended Circle has many of the benefits of the Insider Circle program, but with a few differences. Extended Circle students receive access to all the print materials, calls, and videos just like the Insider Circle however you will not be able to submit videos for Video Coaching or ask questions directly to me during the Question Period of a call. As an Extended Circle member you can listen recordings of weekly calls and post questions which I may address to the whole group during a call. Hope to see your name on the list!

Looking forward to hearing about new horse and human sightings! Have a great weekend!

Looking forward to the Insider Circle call this Sunday and Monday! Carolyn