Come Join My Online Course!

  Come Join My Online Course!

I want to encourage people that might be sitting on the fence in whether or not to take the Extended Circle online course, to ask any questions in this blog post. It is not too late to sign up for the Extended Circle. The class starts August 28 –November 7, 2011. Click here to sign up for the Extended Circle.

Develop Your Instincts

If you are wondering what you would gain from my online course, I believe that the most important thing to be gained, will be your ability to train your horse on your own and further develop your own instincts with my method. I will help you to really know horses and how to deal with different personalities. Of course, you will have tons of fun and make new friends too!!

From the connection with your horse through the Waterhole Rituals, you and your horse will get insyc as dance partners in sharing a magnetic connection, like the boy did in the movie “The Black Stallion”.

The Waterhole Rituals prepares the horse to have a quick mind and a desire for connection and social politeness.

The Waterhole Rituals is the perfect daily warm up, to warm up the connection, attitude, and  precision with your horse.

The Waterhole Rituals will put your horse in the mood to want to dance with you and to prepare your horse for any kind of riding. This approach I am offering you is a self realization course from having to shape your leadership to be inviting as well as effective.

You will develop in your horse a great break, gas peddle, and connection from the practice of the Waterhole Rituals, that translates to the saddle.  If you should loose the connection, break and gas peddle and you understand that it is naturally going to happen because horses are horses, you will create a better leadership behavior.

From the re-schooling experience, you will grow the bond even deeper and your horse will become more dependable in a very short time.

You will think like a trainer who is in love with his horse. You will learn how to communicate from a deepened friendship that is deeper than what you could possibly share with a human being.

When you go to ride, your horse will be happy, willing, and forward because you will give him room to get comfortable and you will know how to work within the rhythm of the horse.

Everything you do with your horse will be a joy even the challenging parts and the frustrating parts, just like in a good courtship. If it were all too easy, you both would be board.

The Waterhole Rituals will also help the horse feel a deep sense of well-being that can not be experienced with humans when using tack or following a method that uses persistence until the horse complies, or a method that trains the horse to learn new behaviors like clicker training does.  It will help your clicker training and other training methods from the connection you have built from its practice.

After you have taken this course, you will ride from a different viewpoint that will bring a wonderful awareness of the magic you are now sharing with your horse.

You will know what is not appropriate to ask your horse to do, and how to keep your horse willing.

Once you learn the Waterhole Rituals, and learn to dance with your horse spontaneously through a magnetic connection, you are ready to advance your horse to the next stage.

Choose Your Path

Most of my students are interested in the Uberstreichen exercises, bridle less riding, single lining, and double lining, for collection.

Students are doing a great job of networking and helping each other on the Ning site. The Ning site is for all alumni students to keep in contact and continue their work with my methods.

Communicating with your horse in the open arena, field, or paddock with out tack, you will find the true art of horsemanship. You will approach your horse in a new way!!!

I hope you come with us on a new adventure, your horse will be thankful you have!

May the horse be with you!!