Come Join my Exciting Waterhole Online Course with your Horse

Exciting News!On July 22nd, 2012 we will be starting the next online classroom for the Waterhole Rituals.  This course is for EVERYONE for a deep study in the behavior of horses, in how to handle and influence them to follow your lead.

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What you will Learn This program will give you a more comprehensive understanding in how to connect, communicate and work with horses at liberty.

Subjects we will cover:

  • Body Language
  • Leadership
  • Forming a Cross Species Bond without Force
  • Self Realization - Finding the Authentic Self
  • Spontaneous Horsemanship
  • Emotional and Spiritual Development
  • Dancing with your Horse at Liberty

The Waterhole Ritual online course will develop your horsemanship skills and talents for all equestrian pursuits. From this journey you will acquire an ability for caretaking leadership and a better understanding of the nature of horses and how to win their cooperation. The course is designed for horse lovers, trainers, therapists, veterinarians and healers. This will help you in handling horses in your line of work and play.

From this course it is possible to catapult yourself light years above what most horsemen know about how to connect, communicate and train a horse at liberty. You will need less skill in how to train a horse when you understand their nature. You will remove the years it would take to gain the knowledge that I am about to share with you in how to relate to horses while training them.

Early Registration These last classes were amazing and it was so easy and fun for everyone. We have the highest ratio ever of people returning to the Insider Circle class. So if you are interested, as a new student, I can not express enough on the importance of early registration to reserve your spot for the Insider Circle program that only allows 40 students in the class.

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Note to New Students If you are a brand new student and you are interested in taking my online course, I would suggest you take the Extended Circle first and then move into the Insider Circle once you get a feel for my method. It is allot different working a horse at liberty, following a code of conduct, rather than specific hard and fast rules. It takes some getting use to but, it is fun because of the amazing results you will experience.

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Why Train at Liberty? Horses are more willing to show their true feelings at liberty and they will bond more deeply with you. This will also give you a chance to really get to know how horses think and reason. It will be the most exciting work you will do with a horse by far. It is the “real” thing - getting to know a horse on his turf and following his rules without tack or force. The code of conduct is completely different from the rules that are taught by standard practice.

The Code of Conduct The code of conduct is universally shared and understood by horses and humans. The code is based on the freedom of choice in all matters. It also opens the door in how not to get abused by others and how and when to set your limits. This code of conduct will help to guide you in your ability to connect and control unwanted behavior with all living beings with more compassion and ability to form lasting bonds built on trust and respect. How you apply the Waterhole Rituals fits around each individual horse, and each individual student, to suit his or her personality. What you gain will be an inviting leadership and a communication that horses can resonate with.

You will learn how to develop the character of the horse to be interested in taking care of you as you allow your horse to shape your leadership to be inviting. Working with nature is where all great partnerships are found. The result is a closer connection that you can not imagine. In many cases, it is much faster because it is truly natural to the horse.  Once you learn this method, things will fall into place quickly.

Body Language is Powerful Body language has a very powerful effect on a horse. You will learn how a simple posture can make a difference between having a horse that responds instantly to you from one that refuses to listen to you at all. You will use body language at a time that a horse will respond to it, positively and naturally.

Basic Guidelines For everyone that is coming in brand new to the course, I want to give you some guidelines to follow. If you are new to horses, I would suggest that you might enjoy the course as a study program without having a horse. You will have fun and be able to interact with others in the student chat room as well as be able to write to me in the classroom. I will not be able to answer everyone but, my track record on responding has been about 90 %.

For those with horses, that includes 99% of the class, be sure the horse you are using is easy for you to read and willing by nature. This way you can focus on the method rather than the problem. You will need a horse that you can read easily and that you can move away from you whenever you ask him to leave and at any speed you ask him to go. You need to also have a leadership ability and that you are not troubled by sending your horse away once the bond is strong.  As long as you can always move him easily away from you, I can coach you in this online course.

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Fun, Inventive Classrooms We had one student that brought an imaginary horse to the Insider Circle classroom and trained that horse by asking questions about the imaginary progress and issues he had with his imaginary horse. He loved the course and got allot out of it, plus the class had allot of fun too. It was entertaining and it shed some light on a wide range of horse behaviors and how to go about handling a horse. My response to his questions helped the class in many ways and it opened up allot of material to look at in regards to horse behaviors in general. It also helped everyone understand the Waterhole Rituals in a richer way.


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Other Important Lessons The people that will get the most out of the course are people who love horses and want to improve their leadership skills to be inviting, as well as effective, and those interested in the true nature of horses.

We will work on how to adjust your boundaries and how to keep a horse polite and willing. This work will create a true cross species bond in the same way that horses train horses in nature. We will be interacting with horses using horse rituals that are natural and how foals learn to fit in with the herd.

The course is also a lesson in self realization and spiritual development. My belief is that if you have the right outlook and understanding in how to be effective at Liberty with a horse, you will learn the secrets to life and how to create order from chaos. No matter how many ripples there on the lake it will always return to harmony if you let it. When you work in the moments that the bond is shared between you, things will unfold naturally.

I look forward to the next evolution of new students, returning students and the wonderful experiences we will all share.

Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you. Warmly, Carolyn

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