Working on Each Other's Terms - Horse and Human Bonding

Ginny and Holly This blog is to assist my current students in my online Waterhole Rituals course that just started this week.  I hope you, as my blog readers, will also enjoy it and gain some more insight into my first Ritual, Sharing Territory.


Bonding with your horse using the Waterhole Rituals will give you a deeper understanding of your horse.

From the process of the Rituals you will learn how to interact with your horse using the best approach for anything that you will be doing with him or her. It will rise up out of you automatically from the practice of the Waterhole Rituals.

Working with your horse by giving him complete freedom to choose when he wants to be with you and when he does not brings about a different relationship with your horse. It opens the door to a relationship much like the relationship you would have with a family dog that knows how to please you and respect you. The bond with your horse is a bit different, but it can be even deeper. It comes from the way horses stay connected in a herd and the one minded connection that is natual to them.

Using the Waterhole Rituals you interact with your horse on his terms in social interactions horses use to create lasting bonds. What comes out of that is your horse's natural desire to follow your lead, trust you and respect you. The bond you develop can be even deeper than the bond that horses share with each other. It is a special bond that never ends. Cross-species bonds are often like that.

In the process, using the Waterhole Rituals, you are able to set up ground rules that are instinctual to horses. This is the way you will be able to lead your horse in the most natural way.

The First phase of Sharing Territory is an adjustment time for the horse to get a feel for who you are.

Ginny and Holly

At this time you are also adjusting to your horse.  You are only sharing space with your horse in the moment. During this time your energy and your horse’s energy take on the same quality and heartbeat rhythm. When this happens you feel a sense of well-being from being in each others company.

You begin Sharing Territory by sitting quietly in a palce that he considers his home, that would not be interrupting the privacy of your horse. Pick a place that would be inviting to your horse to visit. This spot will become your new home base for interacting with your horse using the Waterhole Rituals. Having your own territory will bring out in your horse more respect and more focus on you when he is with you.  How you interact with him is key in bringing your relationship to a deeper level.

Before you choose your territory you will need to walk around in his territory much in the same way a horse would do getting to know a new area. Checking the perimeter and water source and being respectful of the horses by not influencing their movements. Your horse will take this into account and see that you are wanting to fit into his world.

You then might go up to your horse and say hello and then walk away. This shows your horse that you are not wanting him to do anything for you. You are only wanting to say hello. Horses like this allot. After a while you need to introduce your ability to move your horse away from you. When you have influenced him to move away, stop your influence and move away from him, then come back for a hello.  Once you have done this you are ready to go to your chosen spot and Share Territory.

The next day you will go say hello to your horse first and then go to your spot. Now you can begin your journaling and practice of being in the moment in a state of neutral, feeling complete in the moment. This will raise your energy and your horse's enegy to come and hang out with you.

In my next blog I will share the next phase of developing the bond with your horse.

There is still one week left to sign up for the Insider's Circle Class and two weeks left to sign up for the Extended Circle Class.  Hope to see you there.

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Have a nice weekend?  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn