Free Instruction with Carolyn – First Annual Winter Program Nov '09 – Feb '10

I am ready to start us on a new adventure. Fall and Winter is the perfect time to take it slowly, stay in touch and meet new friends and so I am delighted to introduce you to: Uberstreichen Exercises - Rollkur no more

My Uberstreichen Exercises are ground schooling to introduce the horse to the bridle for all disciplines to support both beginning and advanced training under saddle and are step two of the Carolyn Resnick Method to support all equestrian pursuits.

As part of my continuing effort to support my blog readers, I will be offering free beginning instruction on the Uberstreichen Exercises each week over the Winter.

To qualify and register for free instruction: Leave your full name, a brief introduction of your experience with horses, your interest in my Method, our history if we have one, and the name of your horse and his personal training background in the comments section of the blog. After each blog posting please check in by leaving your full name in the comments section of the blog so that I know you are participating and have read the new material. I will offer more support to the regular students. As usual I will not be able to answer all questions. If you need to catch up or need more support or a review then I would encourage you to take a private telephone coaching session with me at the regular rate. For Insider Circle people, when you leave your name please also state that you are an Insider Circle student. The Uberstreichen Exercises are the next step for you but remember to keep warming up your horse with the Waterhole Rituals finishing with a lot of Companion Walking, trotting and halting before moving into the Uberstreichen Exercises each day.

Purpose: The Uberstreichen Exercises will teach a horse to collect and lengthen from the slightest request from light rein aids, gas pedal and brakes for a bit as well as bitless riding. All exercises are taught with only a halter and short rope.

How to start: There are 10 Uberstreichen Exercises, 8 are done at the sides of the horse and 2 standing in front of the horse. 5 Exercises are focused on training the horse to respond to a rein aid to relax and to give at the poll, neck and shoulders and 5 are lateral flexions. Both sets of 5 begin standing still facing your horse and then they advance to walking and trotting in hand. The beginning ones are the easiest to apply. They build in difficulty very naturally so when you get to the more difficult ones, they are even easier than the first ones because of how the relationship is building. In a slow and methodical pace, you will create a connection from the ground that well create a centaur ride and aids that are light from a Method that is based in lightness. Utilizing all 10 Exercises you will see significant results in two to four months in producing self-carriage without a contact rein. But take as long as you like. It might take you longer because I am not working directly with you or you might have a horse that you will need to take more time with. It is important to take it slowly. Training horses is like running a vacuum cleaner. If you are in a hurry, the vacuum cleaner is not as effective as it would be if you pushed it slowly.

Work with the Uberstreichen Exercises for about 15 minutes a day. You can continue your usual program. If you have a program already the 15 minutes will be very beneficial. If you have no program then you can take an hour with them with lots of breaks. Start with the beginning exercises each day and work through them. Move on to the next Uberstreichen Exercise only when you get the desired result with the one before. Each day your horse will respond differently. Sometimes he will be easy and sometimes he will be locked. If he is locked, do not move on and enjoy the process of making a real connection and a true release. During the first week you might only do one exercise. Over the course of a week do not do more than three different levels as a horse needs plenty of repetition with these kind of exercises so they become second nature to him and that he can hold the posture you ask him to maintain on his own for short intervals.

Horses on stall-rest can be trained in these exercises with a bit of adjustment that I will explain later. With a horse on stall-rest, give him as much time as you can. A horse welcomes the time you spend with him. It helps him relax, de-stress and connect with you which helps in the healing process.

When is a horse ready to begin with the Uberstreichen Exercises? When you have a good working relationship at liberty with the Waterhole Rituals™, you are ready to start with the Uberstreichen Exercises. You can also start the exercises with a horse that has good ground manners and attitude. You should be able to touch and rub your horse anywhere and pick up his feet easily and when you put his foot back down you can set it gently on the ground on a designated spot. You also need to be able to hold his foot off the ground as long as you need without the horse leaning his weight on you. When you can achieve this, you and your horse have an ability to work together well enough to begin to work with the Uberstreichen Exercises. You should also be able to fly spray your horse and he will stand relaxed. When you can do this, you have the skill in changing your horse’s mind and getting him to do something he would rather not do because you will be working with resistance to achieve relaxation. Your horse should be respectful and obedient naturally over small matters and enjoy your company. You need to be able to drive your horse forward on a rope from your request because it is something you will be doing with the Exercises. Your horse needs to be able to walk at your side and halt without the influence of the rope. If your horse cannot do these things, the Waterhole Rituals™ will help you to gain this kind of partnership, trust, connection and horsemanship skills you will need to be able to start the Uberstreichen Exercises. If your horse is not ready yet to do the Uberstreichen Exercises, in the spring I be offering another class on the Waterhole Rituals™ that you can attend.

The tack you will need is a halter, but not a rope halter, and a lead rope of any length. Short is the easiest to manage. You will need to train on a flat 20 meter circle with proper footing. A surface that is not too deep or too hard. A surface that is too hard hurts the joints and too deep hurts the ligaments.

I will run this program each Thursday, so the next one will appear a week from now when we will examine the benefits of the Uberstreichen Exercises.

While the free program is going on, please share anything off the subject that you want to about your uplifting and fun experiences with your horses and the magic they bring into your life. I would love to read them. Lastly, as I am instructing you, I do not focus on solving problems. If you get stuck, I will work with you in how to go forward. If you find yourself struggling with the Exercises, discontinue the instruction. The indication that you are on the right path is that the material is easy to understand, apply and enjoyable for both you and your horse. It would be a good idea if you keep notes and a journal and share it with the class in the comments section.