Why sitting in a chair is important to the process of Liberty Training with the Waterhole Rituals

Photo by Teddie Ziegler There is a Place to be, in quiet times, with Horses that is Magical It creates a spontaneous ability to dance with a horse and have a horse want your leadership in a free environment. Of course sitting in the chair is not the whole answer, but it creates the bond needed for the dance.   By giving a horse a sense of freedom while Sharing Territory, you grow the bond that you need for the rest of Waterhole Rituals to be effective.

I ask my students, to sit in a chair while Sharing Territory to grow the bond. Here are a few reasons:

  • By sitting in a chair you are more aware that you truly have no agenda, and your horse soon sees that too.Carolyn ST Jazz
  • It is relaxing to sit in a chair and your horse picks up on that.
  • You can not move your chair easily, and this causes you to be more careful around your horse. You pay more attention to your personal space by keeping him at a safe distance from you. This teaches respect in a very easy way.
  • It teaches your horse not to be afraid of objects that you may drag around with you. I like to drag tarps around with me as well as my chair, after my horse is used to the chair.

If you have a  horse that does not respect your personal space you can always set your chair down on a tarp and it can provide a bit more of a boundary to keep your horse at bay until you get the respect and carefulness you want him to have.

Sitting in a chair causes a person to be more present to the moment and this causes a person to be open to something new.  It helps to be aware of being present. Horses resonate to people who are clearly present in the moment, that show no agenda or interest in them, and know how to be relaxed and fit in with their calmness.  Over time the bond will grow from Sharing Territory in harmony and relaxation.

Desiree and TrinityWhy it is better to Sit Sharing Territory rather than Standing

While standing up a person moves around too much, one is usually more accommodating, and they let the horse push them around as long as the horse is feeling a connection and showing them affection. This is what I think causes a horse to become less willing and harder to train. A horse looses allot of respect for his handler when he can see that while being friendly, he can take the upper hand and control his human by being able to move the feet of his handler.  Also, standing and being very still can cause a horse to feel that you may have an agenda for him that he would like to avoid. Sitting and reading, or seeming to be occupied, a horse can see that you are not trying to pursue him which opens the door for the relationship to grow naturally, because the horse feels safer.

Be Present and Safe in the Moment

Another reason I ask a person to use a chair is that it causes a person to feel more vulnerable in a way that helps them to make better decisions about what a horse is allowed to do in their personal space.  It helps a person understand that he must keep his horse at a far enough distance to stay safe.  You learn to keep your horse at a safe distance by not allowing your horse to get too close, too disrespectful, too aggressive, too playful, too affectionate, too distracted or too energetic. It is always a good idea when your horse will not take direction that you send him away. All of these requirements are training your horse. It will cause your horse to listen to your direction and to manage his energy to be what you need it to be. The horse learns to be a good boy from these interactions.

Leanne and Marchador ST

There are two states of being, one is to be relaxed in the moment and the other is to be in action. Both states of being need to be in balance with the nature of the horse. What I mean by this is that just as much time must be given to both states.  You can walk around and play around in the environment that your horse is in, as long as you continue to sit with your horse for at least thirty minutes.  I like to take an hour in the beginning when I am just establishing this ritual. It is so important to know how to be in nature with a horse so that the trust factor can be more dependable between horse and human.

Observations from a New Perspective

Trinity and CarolynIt is important to spend time in observation and see what a horse does with his time all day and how to fit in without disturbing his patterns. This is when you learn more about horses. The biggest thing I think people need to learn is how to fit in with a horse before they try to influence him.

I want a person to understand how to be with a horse and not want anything to be different about yourself, your horse or your relationship because you will approach your horse more appropriately. You need to park yourself in neutral until your consciousness shifts you to a place that blooms into well being and clarity, where everything in life makes sense.  This well being opens up an optimism that attracts your horse and lifts you to a higher consciousness in life.

Once you have experienced a higher state of consciousness, you discover that you can pick this state of well being through your intent and approach.  This journey through the Waterhole Rituals matures your outlook in life and your understanding of how to lead, that creates a resonance and willingness in the horse.  From this higher consciousness you see more clearly how to connect with all living things.

Meditating in the moments of Sharing Territory is a joyful state of being that has value in connecting with your horse and will lift up your attitude in general.

Carolyn and PaulinaGoing to a place of Well Being

Easter Sunday I was thinking how I have matured with the care of my mother and how, more than ever, it is important to put myself in the moment so that I can enjoy my breath, my body, my mother, my horse,  my students and life itself.  Every year I get older and more knowledge comes to me as to how much work must be done to stay heartfelt, optimistic and truly present to life itself. My experiences with horses Sharing Territory has given me this strength.

When I made the video of Trinity learning how to stand in neutral, in that box I drew on the ground, he did not want to be there. Every time he left the box I softly returned him to the box, just like we do in a breathing meditation when our mind wonders us (the reason I say this is that I want to call attention to the fact that we can control our mind and our mind is manageable).

I watched Trinity, bit by bit, become at one with life and truly enjoy his life more once he gave up his agenda to wanting carrots and his wiggly behavior. Watching this change in him, I took on this exercise for myself this week.  When I became imbalanced and fretful I visualized myself being Trinity giving up his need for carrots and I watched myself going to a place of well being that returned me to an optimistic outlook. I see the pattern on the ground, the soft rectangle with a cross in the middle and I breathe into this image and I then easily return to this place of harmony.  Taking care of my mother is not easy, but I am so thankful to have this time with her.


Trinity now instead of wanting his carrots while in my company, he will put himself in the box because it gives him a greater sense of well being.  Because I have tasted well being Sharing Territory with horses and because I have picked a path to maintain this feeling I can always get back to a better state of being. I can always return to this place of well being and optimism. Oh yes - Trinity is my new love!

I wish you could know horses the way I have known them.  You would see the well being they can bring just by being in their presence.  The connection grows more easily with them when you do not need them to be any different than what they are. Giving up the need for the bond allows it to grow. In the time spent in meditation and just being around your horse in the moments of harmony, I believe you will learn about horses the fastest way possible.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for more horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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