When to Not Use the Reed in the Waterhole Rituals

Hello. Work is progressing well with my book and we are aiming to have it finished by the beginning of December. I'm very excited about it. We have been taking some wonderful photos for it so it will be more like a coffee table book. I will also be discussing horse and herd behavior and how it relates to our lives and society, so I'm sure you're going to love it. OK, on to today's blog post and I'd like to share with you a little more from the Insider Circle. So one of my students asked:

I am working with a horse who really isn’t a perfect candidate for this. She is complicated and I knew that from the get-go….she is a Marilynne. She is the only horse accessible to me and I wanted to learn what you had to teach so that I would grow and be able to work with her as she heals. We are in the beginning stages of sharing territory and saying hello. She is learning to love both of these rituals.

I am still pondering how to help her overcome her fear of the reed. The look in her eyes when she sees anything resembling a whip in my hands is sheer terror. I have often thought that it is like showing a gun to someone who has once been shot in the heart. We are still at the point that our connection is severed if she sees me carrying a reed. It is as if she says “oh, so you are one of them after all….” I hope with time and patience along with increasing trust that we can move past this.

I am finding your method has such far reaching effects and benefits in all areas of my life. I am using it with tremendous success taming “wild” goat babies. Sharing territory and saying hello is working like a charm with them…..

And here was my answer:

Actually, Marilynne (the mare in our training videos) is not good with the reed either. I would advise you not to use the reed at this time with your horse because it is putting a wedge in your connection.

With Marilynne I invent games that are short, that focus on getting her comfortable with the reed and then after about 5 minuets of these reed games, I don’t carry it with me any more. I can now touch her with it and she is adjusting but I put it way for most of our work together. I let her see the reed when I want to give her food so when she sees the reed she knows it is time to eat.

The time you take will be quite worth the effort. It always is. The gratefulness that these horses offer is heart warming.

Keep up your efforts of let time bring about the bond.

There may be faster ways but moving things along quickly in the relationship usually does not create deep healing.

I trust that will help you. Love and magic