When Human and Horse Become One: The Cellular Connection Explained


Something I’d like to explain is that there is a cellular connection that we can experience with our horse. If you have studied science, you may be familiar with the theory that the molecular structure of something becomes very similar to the structure that it is next to, and grows more connected the longer it is there. If I leave a spoon on a table, that spoon will connect with the table over a long period of time. The longer the spoon sits, the more the spoon will attach to the table, and the more they will become alike.

A Natural Understanding

Deepak Chopra speaks of what he calls “entrainment,” and that there is an energy field that is in us.  For instance, if we checked my energy field, and checked your energy field, they would be a lot different. But, if we stayed in the same territory together, and we let time pass, our energy would begin to align. When this happens, we have a better understanding of each other naturally right away. All of a sudden, I would understand you, and you would understand me. It’s a wonderful thing!

Deepak Chopra shows us the power of spending this time, and letting the cellular connection take place. However, it can not happen if you are engaged in thoughts that have nothing to do with being in the field with your horse. You have to be inside the field with your horse, with the intention of allowing this to happen. This is when the natural process can take over; but you can push the natural process away from you if you want.

Becoming In Sync

Chopra explains that if you put many clocks in a room together, and set the pendulums to swing at different times so that they are not in sync with one another, in three hours they will be. Well, I think that’s an amazing thing!  Another thing that I have noticed that some of you have probably noticed as well is that a connection needs some time to grow and it seems to need a certain time to develop. I have notice that the development of time runs in three’s.  3 Seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days. The connection is created in these segments of time as naturally as a drop of water simulating into a pond as soon as it reaches the surface of the pond.

Meditation and Focus: In Theory and Practice

It is important to meditate with our horses. Begin to take notice of where your focus is. Lose you need for anything beyond this moment.

We need to be able to get back to a limbic brain, where the drama doesn’t exist anymore, so the horse can say, “I see you are here!” “You are here in the field with me!” By practicing this when you spend time with your horse, all of a sudden, you and your horse will communicate in a language that you have never used before and will have a deeper understanding of one another.

Looking forward to hearing about New Horse and Human Sightings!

Have a Great Weekend!