What I Experienced at Franklin Levinson's E.F.L. Clinic

Franklin Levinson's Clinic at Horse Spirit Ranch in Bonsal, Ca. June 27 & 28. franklinI have always loved Wayne Dyer and his writings. There is something about Franklin that reminds me of Wayne Dyer, but with a full head of hair. Franklin told me that he taught Wayne's children how to ride and that Wayne had written about him in one of his books. In the book, Wayne said that Franklin was an example of a man living his bliss through his work and from his influence upon the world through his teachings. Being in Franklin's presence you can not help but like him. He is unassuming and very warm. He has a even rhythm that is relaxing to be around. He is very flexible and is still a student of life.

What took place in his E.F.L. (Equine Facilitated Learning) clinic, this past weekend, was amazing. I talked to Franklin after the clinic and he told me that what he wanted to achieve out of the clinic was that everyone would find their personal power through their own creative juices and spontaneous equine communication at liberty.

He encouraged the class to work together with one horse at liberty and guided us to allow the program to reveal itself as it unfolded. We focused on keeping the connection alive while each person, one by one, became the new leader without breaking the flow of the rhythm or the connection.

In the clinic we all became leaders working together seamlessly as if we had known each other all our lives. It reminded me of a chapter in my book "Naked Liberty" titled Leader of leaders. We found our authentic self. Our teacher Bling, our horse, spent the day with us at liberty with his authentic self letting us guide him in the moments the unity was present in the connection.

The magic we experienced was that the group as a whole worked together in harmony from a one minded consciousness. It was a perfect clinic in how to create a harmonious herd through E.F.L. We all become powerful while in tune with each other. Bling, as our guide, helped us in how to work together as a team.  Life should be like this always.

GroupThe workshop was held at Horse Spirit Ranch in Bonsal.  It is a training and boarding facility where many clinics are held each year.  It is owned and operated by Lynn Hays who rescues horses in need.  Lynn is the most loving and hardest working woman I know.  She is busy saving everything in sight, including people.  An amazing horse dancer in her own right. Her rescue horses are very trusting, happy, horses. Lynn not only cares for them with a big heart, but in her spare time she works with them too. Bling the horse we used for most of the day was just like Lynn, in that he could go all day and loved working with people.

Lynn started the workshop with a seamless performance.  He is one of the best training liberty horses in our county, including my guys right now. Bling, a rescue horse, is so attached to Lynn that he is like a family dog that loves everyone and living life to the fullest in Lynns' care.  What a beautiful sight.  Lynn danced with Bling in a high energy spirited dance that was seamless and when she was finished she so graciously let us use him in Franklin's clinic. Bling made us feel at home.  He was truly a mascot in how we all need to behave with one another.  It turned out to be the E.F.L. event of the year.

What was neat was that beginners and professionals could work together and you could not tell them apart. The energy from the ranch was divine because of the care and the love that lynn has poured into it.

Thank you Franklin, Lynn, Shivam (coordinator) and Bling a for such an awesome experience.  I am sure we will all be back soon.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn