What a Wonderful Day!

I can’t believe how much fun we have all been having during this Beyond the Waterhole Rituals™ Clinic! The other day we had the opportunity to visit the ranch of a dear friend of mine, Linda Harris. The following photos that I am sharing with you were taken at her beautiful ranch with her wonderful Thoroughbreds! Thank you Linda for giving us this very special opportunity! As the photos show, our weather has been truly spectacular! You can see the beautiful sunlight that seemed to gently touch everything around us with a sparkling golden hue. Everything was perfect- from the crispness of the air, to the excellent Companion Walking dance that we shared- it was one of those days that I know I will never forget.





I would also like to share a poem that Kathy Cavanah wrote during our poetry break out session. Thank you Kathy for sharing your inspiring words!

Elmo and the Bucket Game by Kathy Cavanah

The bucket's there, I stand and stare. I want to move but I don't dare.

I'm on my spot, my treat may rot! And then she says, "Elmo, Go Trot!"

I trot around. I love the sound of my hooves upon the ground.

And then I see her say to me, "Elmo, come back and trot to me."

And this I do. We feel the glue. I trot to her side and then we knew

that life is good, it's understood that I could leave and I that I would.

But, the glue is strong, we get along. I love my girl. I trot my song.

We slow it down. We walk around. We mosey back to the bucket on the ground.

Hope you all are having a great time with your horse! I look forward to hearing about your new horse and human sightings!

Have a great weekend!