Welsh Cob mare

Last week I gave a lesson to a student of mine, Stephanie, who has a Welsh Cob mare that she has been driving and riding. The horse is very fearful like the red horse that I have been telling you about and so she had started doing the Uberstreichen Exercises and working on getting her comfortable in her territory just as I have previously mentioned. The problem I noticed with this mare though was that she getting good with the Waterhole Rituals but still, when she was brought to the barn, she did not want to have the bridle put on her. She was acting sort of wild and frightened and so I asked how long this had been going on. Stephanie said it had been like this for a long time and so I told her that we had to get the horse comfortable being present right there and right then and to get her to agree to the fact that she likes being at the barn before we even attempt to put on the bridle.


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