We Become Students of Life while Training Horses using the Waterhole Rituals

We become students of life while training horses using the Waterhole Rituals.

TrinityWe also become students of the horse by shaping our leadership so that we may bring well-being to the horse. This kind of effort can uncover the secrets of life that empower the human spirit. It opens a door, which allows us to share a connectedness with all beings.

I have learned from horses that when I lose the connectedness while training, if I wait until it returns, my horse will be more willing to follow my lead. Then the dance we share together will have a greater meaning than if I had insisted without that connectedness.

Universal Code of Conduct

There is a special code of conduct in nature that opens the lines of communication. I learned about this code of conduct while on my journey communicating with horses. Both animals and humans rely on this code of conduct in order for our oneness to be shared. Generally, we do not “know” what this code is, even when we rely on it. I set out to define this code of conduct so that I could guide others that wanted to communicate with horses, for a spiritual friendship while training a horse.

I found this natural universal code of conduct by allowing a horse the freedom to choose to follow my lead and the freedom to leave my influence at any time, without consequence.  

The Waterhole Rituals

 Using the code of conduct that the Waterhole Rituals provide, a horse will have a natural desire to follow your lead and you will also know when to follow your horse’s lead in order to better facilitate the training and communication with him.

As a child I discovered a tangible approach to training horses that I developed into what I call today “The Waterhole Rituals”. The Waterhole Rituals are meant to guide people toward this gift of oneness with all living creatures and to give people an ability to communicate easily with horses. The formula is so natural and easy to follow.

I offer online courses in the Waterhole Rituals that I believe are the best way to start, or even continue, a person’s journey training and communicating with horses. The purpose of the online courses is to give students the tools necessary to create this special oneness with a horse, which most horse lovers want to achieve. 

Finding a connection to the spirit of the horse originates from the heart.

Photo by Linda SalinasBy having a true heart-felt connection with a horse, one will have a natural understanding of how to go about training a horse. Coming from the heart brings one fully present to the idea that through leadership we can create the harmony we are seeking in ourselves and with others. It takes stepping into the unknown, without expectations, to make that special connection with a horse.  It will come unexpectedly and quite naturally.

It is a kind of leadership that allows a horse to choose to bond of his own free will.  That may not seem like leadership, but it is because of our intention in choosing the natural process to build the bond the way nature intended. 

Photo by Linda SalinasLeadership takes many forms; from action to inaction, following to leading, and working with the individual nature and emotions of a horse. Being able to utilize this awareness opens many doors to personal empowerment, beyond what has been learned about training horses.

From allowing a horse to choose to follow our leadership it teaches us how to be graceful in our leadership behavior. You will learn a deep understanding of leadership and you will gain a better attitude about any and all relationships in your life. You will know better how to influence others to follow your lead and how to create more meaningful bonds. Knowing this you will also better understand how leadership plays a part in fulfilling the well being of others. Never should leadership have anything to do with force. You will also have more patience and fewer disappointments in the performance of your loved ones by learning to accept any and all behaviors. 

Horses have a culture that evolves through relationships.

Long time herds live in a harmonious society where there is no dispute about rank.  These horses are leaders and work together magically. I call them “leaders of leaders”.  They share a one-minded consciousness that works together in unity as a whole.

In a newly formed herd there are two behaviors taking place.  There is a pecking order behavior created by dominant horses and there is also lead horses and their behavior.  Dominant horses have no interest in leading and lead horses have no interest in being dominant. Lead horses lead only when a horse is willing to follow them for care-taking reasons and dominant horses create lasting bonds with the horses they battle with and these battles create harmony with one another and a more social nature in the individual horse.

These two worlds coexist through the pecking order behavior that is going on with the dominant horses while the entire herd is in harmony with lead horses.

Horses have a pecking order behavior that creates “leaders of leaders”, which then removes the need for a pecking order in a harmonious herd. A long time herd shares a one-minded consciousness that is to be studied and admired.

It is a rich culture that I believe mimics our own culture, in many ways. (i.e. horses live in a community, they are social creatures and the individual horse is transformed by the culture he or she lives in.)  Of course, there are some differences as well.

One of the differences between horses and humans is what we rely on in life.

Jayne and Fire LightHorses listen more to their instincts, which continues to grow their connectedness to one another. Humans listen more to their intelligence, which helps them to lose their connectedness to one another. Developing intelligence is not heart driven, while developing instinct is heart driven. Connecting with the heart driven instincts of horses helps us to get back home to the things we as humans have lost, from being lopsided with too much focus on intellectual growth and human reasoning.  To become more balanced we need to get back to instinctual reasoning, which opens the door to our heart and the understanding of the needs of others. This was seen in the video in my last blog about the animal communicator.

A horse communicator knows when the horse is receptive to their leadership and when the horse is not receptive. They also know how to let the horse lead without loosing their leadership position.  It is the spiritual journey of the horse communicator to find the path that leads to harmonious communication and the dance. 

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn