Waterhole Reflections™ DVD now available!!

Hello again. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my new DVD, Waterhole Reflections™, is now available. It has been a long time in the making but we are very pleased with it and are sure you will like it too. The DVD is designed to awaken your senses enabling you to be truly present and to put you in the right state of mind before you start work with your horse. Through appreciation of the world of horses by viewing this DVD and having a heart-felt connection with your horse, you will strengthen your relationship.

By viewing it on a daily basis, you will continue to reach a deeper connection with your horse by raising your awareness in the moment and you will return to a feeling of well-being. In the moment of the pause, the connection deepens. Breathe deeply and relax. Enjoy the scenes in nature. Being in a state of joy and being present in the moment helps all relationships in life.

I also call the DVD, A Meditation with Horse in Nature. You will find that when you see your horse after the meditation your horse will be much more receptive, focused and willing to follow your lead when you go to train and ride him. You will make better choices in how you select the approach you take with him and the way that you choose to communicate.

The purpose of the meditations is to help you relax and so connect with your inner self thereby enabling you to become congruent with who you really are. After the meditation you will have a stronger ability to give a horse your full attention as your focus and awareness will be in the present moment. The magic I have with my horses I credit to this ability to be focused in the moment. These meditations are designed to balance and connect the conscious and sub-conscious mind, the left-brain and right-brain, to relax into an awakened state, with a feeling of gratitude and knowingness. This shift in consciousness leads to a universal connection to all things where life works out naturally for you.

Meditating daily will help you awaken your senses and enable you to be truly present. In this state you will become aware of changing moments, attitudes and conditions that surround you and your horse. From this clarity, your leadership will be more respected which in turn will improve your horse’s performance. Greater focused energy will cause your horse to see you as a leader he can feel safe with, trust and respect. How you choose to handle your horse will improve. Use the meditations daily before you go to train and ride and you will experience more unity and harmony with your horse. Horses are the masters of knowing what is inside of you and respond to what is there.

Watching the DVD will bring awareness to seven sense perceptions stirred by the feelings of nature and the rhythm of the music. This will help to create a natural connection and deep bond with your horse. A bond as deep as the bond shared between horses. The beautiful scenes of horses in nature in freedom with their families, and the tempo of the wind in unity and harmony with the music, opens the heart and awakens feelings of gratitude for being alive. Gratitude is a powerful state of being that brings forth positive results both with horses and in life. Always when a person feels a sense of well being, they can tap into an ability to dance in life. This awakened state of being will lead to a magnetic connection with horses.

As you practices these meditations along with the study of the culture of horses through my Method, you will learn how to recognize when the bond is resonating; how to communicate; and how to lead a horse in the moment that the horse is receptive and how to create that receptivity. The DVD is intended to have a profound influence in enhancing your natural connection with horses

You can watch the trailer for the DVD and buy it now on the Waterhole Reflections DVD page in the Products section. Enjoy.


P.S. A quick reminder that current WRIC and WRIC Box members get a complimentary copy of the DVD, which will be delivered to you shortly.