Using the 'Way of the Horse'

Hello everybody. Well, our Fall and Winter curriculum on Self-realization and Spiritual evolution through the Waterhole Rituals has gotten off to a great start. We were a group of eight including my mother and myself. We have finished with our first 8 weeks. If anyone out their would enjoy joining the program through the blog, we in the class will respond to anything you would like to share with us by writing in the comments section on the latest entry for the blog. You can join us by sitting with your horse in daily mediation and reading Linda Kohanov’s book `Way of the Horse’. This is how we begin each class. You then, can write your personal aha moments with your horse and Linda’s book for the blog. I would like that this Fall and Winter be a time we can share with one another our personal journeys to deepen the connection we share with horses

I am using Linda’s book because of the brilliant information it provides to people in search of self-realization through the heart connection we share with horses. Thank you Linda for your clarity and writing a book that is truly brilliantly written and what I believe to be quintessential to anyone who is looking to expand their self awareness through the relationship with horses.


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