Using Music to Train a Horse at Liberty to Dance

Photo by Teddie Ziegler

I have always been drawn to horses and music.   I have also noticed that listening to music while training a horse, that the horse usually was in tempo to the music that I was listening to.  I came to the conclusion that this was caused from the body language that I used keeping time to the music and that it effected the horse to be in time to the music as well.

The Spanish Riding School trains horses in a group which does the same thing as letting music effect our body language in a positive way.  Now that the current Waterhole Rituals online class is as far along as it is, we can begin to focus more on the quality of our communication aides to the horse.  This is where music can take you to the next level.

How to begin using music that will bring the necessary meaning to your body language:

Kira and ApolloPut on your favorite music that has a beat and is in the tempo of a walking rhythm.  Listen to the music and let the music dance you.  Keep that dance alive and invite your horse to dance with you by directing him with the Rituals Saying Hello, Companion Walking, Leading from Behind, and Go Trot and Come Up.  You will find that your horse will respond to you and the direction that you send to your horse will come effortlessly, easily and magically.  If your horse does not respond, keep dancing around your horse, focus on Saying Hello and Leading from Behind until it leads to Companion Walking.  Whatever takes place is beautiful and always connected.  It doesn't make any difference at all how your horse responds.

If you follow the rules that when your horse leaves you, you leave him, it will look like it's planned.  If you are matching each other's movements you are still in unity.  Enjoy!  Each session will become more enlivened and your body language will be more appropriate and flowing.

niki and firelightHere at my Ranch my working students, Kira Holm and Niki Taylor are following the online program and we have now started using music dancing with a horse at Liberty.  At this time we have warmed the horse up to be able to dance by making sure that all the heart-felt strings of connection are vibrating and functioning.  When this is the case, the horse can dance easily by being directed.  However, it is not so easy for his human partner, but with music their body language flows and stays with intention and meaning.

Here are two videos with Kira and Niki dancing for the first time with Honey.  They were overwhelmed with pleasure in how they could maneuver their horse with music beyond anything they had done in the past without music.

Kira Holm and Honey:

Niki Taylor and Honey:

Please write in the comments section and let me know how music has helped you dance with your horse.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn