Training your Horse by Following the Way of Freedom

This is an actual letter I received: Dear Carolyn, Would it be fair to say, that your work is not “horse-training”, but instead a creation of allowing. This allowing is the expression of two beings existing in their truth? Would it be fair to say that instead of training, your work gives behavior a place to exist that mirrors a relationship – mirrors the strength of a bond established?

I am trying to wrap my head around just how truly different your method is from the others. The others operate from doing, forcing and demanding. While your work has no limitation, because of just how beautiful it can be.

My Response:

The letter that I received definitely speaks from a heart driven position. My method comes from this position as I have always warned people not to slip into “the trainer’s mind”. However, my method is definitely a training method. The difference between my method and another is that our job is to stay within the self realization of what we are doing with our horse in the process in his training. We are training, but staying in the heart space that this letter is referring to.

I see my work as “horse training” in it’s fullest. My method teaches you how to be congruent in the dance with your horse. It also helps you to find “the authentic self”. There is a code of conduct that heightens our spiritual connection with all living things. The authentic self resides in a kind of leadership that can dance with the free spirit of a horse. In that free dance it is still the intention of my method to “train” the horse to follow your lead in all matters.

Yes, there is an allowance that exists at just the right moment. There are also boundaries and limits given at just the right moment as well. This comes from the freedom you give your horse to do as he chooses while you are training him. This freedom causes you to be able to communicate and lead within a universal code of conduct, which creates a deeper connection. Acting within this code causes a horse to trust you and to see you in a positive light. In a free choice environment there are no training mistakes big enough to stop the bond and the dance from growing.

Successful Training:

Your ability to successfully train your horse does not happen because of your intelligence or ability, but rather from the freedom a horse has to be who he is and from the capability to say when he does not want your leadership. Your horse has the freedom to stop your influence when he chooses. This freedom keys a horse to naturally want to follow your lead. Never taking away the freedom of a horse to respond as he wishes, develops your leadership to be more appropriate and a stronger desire to look forward to your direction. This in turn creates a horse to want to learn the lessons you are offering him. Giving a horse freedom brings out his desire to connect with you, as his trainer, because of the bond. What takes place in this freedom is that you are leading your horse and your horse is connecting with you. This brings you much closer to an inter-species bond. This bond is an actual heart felt connection, not a mirrored image of one.

As horse trainers, our focus is to create an optimistic nature in the horse in order to want to dance and connect with us. The trainer is also focused on creating a horse with the ability to exercise his instincts and sense of well-being by sharing a friendship with you. You recognize that your horse knows the path he needs to take for himself and you support that path as a trainer.

When to take an active role in training:

There are two times when a person takes an active role in the training of their horse with my method; one is when a horse becomes anti-social, taking food from you against your will or being aggressive towards you and pushing you around in your own personal space . The other time we take an active role in training is to guide the horse, when he is interested in learning a new dance in connection with you. Both times you, as a trainer, have an opportunity to shape your horse’s behavior in order to connect deeper with him. One role is to develop a deeper respect and connection and the other role is to create a magical dance because of that connection. Because your horse is free, your horse will always accept your communication with an open heart. Through the freedom we give the horse, and the freedom we maintain for ourselves, we discover a leadership that a horse is drawn to. In this process both horse and human are uplifted to a feeling of great joy from the training experience you share with one another. The experience of breaking through to both worlds, horse to human and human to horse, brings an awareness of the universal connection to all things by knowing each others true nature. This brings a deeper understanding of the heart and of the dance.

As an Example: If your training your dog and he likes to lay down but you want to train him to stand up and beg. The first thing you will do is make sure there is a heart felt connection with him before starting any training. The second would be to understand he enjoys laying down and you work on giving him a treat for laying down. Then try rolling on his back, then keep training at a specific time so he knows he’s going to learn something new at this time so he will look forward to his “training” time. The connection and joy is still there for your dog. Then work it slowly up to him enjoying standing up. Always working with the freedom that he can choose to follow your leadership and training and always keeping it enjoyable with a strong connection between the two of you.

Can you see how this is different from trying to train your dog to stand up right away and disturb his laying down time. Trying to bribe him to stand up and do something he didn’t understand or like. The authentic self changes form like a melody in harmony with the spirit. There is still time to enter the online class, even though it has started. We have only been open in the classroom since Tuesday, July 24th. This would be a great opportunity for anyone out there reading my blog who would like to discuss with me any points regarding more insight to what this blog is addressing.

Looking forward to your response. Have a great weekend!

Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you. Warmly, Carolyn