Training using the Waterhole Rituals 1

Hello again. I recently had a letter from Helene in New York who was telling me about her attempts to get to know a large German warm blood that was recently bought by her barn owner. Helene freely admits she is only a novice horse rider and has no horse of her own but she wanted my feedback on her attempts to use the Waterhole Rituals with this powerful horse. My reply to her was quite lengthy but I believe very useful for a lot of other people looking to start using my Method. I am therefore going to share my reply to Helene with you today and on Friday. So let's get started.... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Helene

We are kindred spirits and I am happy you enjoyed reading my book and blog. My advice is to stop your work with Max. I can see from your letter that you have a lot of talent for creative exploration and I would venture to say that you will be able to develop your skill with horses easily, however, you need more knowledge and horsemanship skill before you try to implement my Methods with Max.


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