Training a horse at Liberty

In this day and age it’s great to take advantage of the ability we have to share with each other YouTube videos. It is a wonderful tool I can use to guide you in how the connection looks, how to lead a horse through the Waterhole Rituals and what the result looks like. It is also very nice to have the support of my students sharing their perfect connection with their horses. As this new way of sharing information unfolds, I want to call attention to the dangers of working a horse at liberty. The reason I what to do this is some people can make the mistake of doing things that are not safe. Some think that sharing a heart connection and being on a spiritual journey buys them some form of protection and magic and that they can therefore forget the dangers of working around and with a horse at liberty.

Horses at liberty can be more dangerous than they are with tack because of their natural self-expression (sudden movements, biting, kicking etc.) and their understanding that they are free to express themselves. A horse interacting with you as he would another horse could result in an accident. Horses are aggressive around food with each other, they commonly run into and through one another. Horses can be aggressive or fearful, which can bring a defensive response or they can lose focus. All these conditions are not a good thing if you don’t know how to choose the approach and correct positioning that will keep you safe.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that their horse is following their lead and they see the horse as playful in its expression when the opposite is true... the horse is acting in an aggressive manner but hasn’t turned up the volume yet.

Working with the Waterhole Rituals requires a certain consciousness to stay safe and a well-rounded knowledge of horse behavior as well as lessons in Liberty Training. Yes many people are getting great results with my Method and that is why it can be so exciting. But a little bit of knowledge and having instant success with my Method can be misunderstood. It is not a quick fix but a long journey to mature a spiritual connection with your horse and a way to develop partnership and performance. The skills needed are an ability to solve problems and leadership skills. If you do not know how to lead a horse, the Rituals will not be effective in any way except where leadership is not required such as with first two Rituals. Once you have a connection though the Waterhole Rituals, everything can fall apart from not knowing how to lead and maintain trust and respect. To maintain it, you need to recognize what your horse is consistently thinking throughout the work session.

Even though the Waterhole Rituals are easy to learn, for many people it really needs to be something you learn from a qualified person so you do not make mistakes about your horse’s level of respect for you. Some YouTube videos on my Method are not representative of a responsible approach and can cause great error in judgment and a complete misunderstanding between you and the horse. My rule of thumb about what a person should know about leadership of horses is that they should have the skill in keeping a well trained horse, well trained and manageable and that they also have natural leadership skills in general.

On Thursday, I will give you an example of how I could tell whether someone I had a phone consultation with possessed these leadership skills naturally as well as showing a lovely new video where all of the above comes together.

Till then, I look forward to reading your comments on the above.


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