To geld or not to geld, that is the question

Hello. Time for another question. This one is from Jackie in New Mexico who wrote: I have just started working with horses and have two colts both going on one year. I have had them about eight months. I am told by most everyone I talk to that I would not be able to work with this horse if I do not get him gelded. I do not want to get him gelded but will it be that hard if I don't get him gelded?


Dear Jackie

There are four reasons why you would geld: 1) It can be inhumane to leave some horses as stallions because living by our standards can be abusive without our even realizing the unfair lifestyle we expect them to tolerate. For example, some stallions cannot accept not having their freedom to do as they would choose. Some can be highly aggressive and you can't get their attention on anything but what they want to focus on. If you have a stallion with a super aggressive nature, in time he will become more than you can handle.


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