The Special Bond Between Cross Species

The purpose of the Insider Circle and Extended Circle online courses is to develop a cross species bond that creates your horses’ interest to follow your lead, learn new behaviors, and have an optimistic attitude when you go to ride your horse. This special bond will remove resistance, bad attitude, and unwanted behaviors like bolting, biting, kicking, shying, and running away.

Learning To Develop Positive Attitudes...Not One, But Five!

Once you have this cross species bond when you ride, it will be an enjoyable experience for you both. Your horse will be willing to follow your lead and have a sense of well being because of the trust and respect he has for you. How you create this magical relationship is by developing five positive attitudes in your horse and in yourself. These attitudes are to have a deep bond, trust, respect, willingness, and attention on each other. The connection you create from these attitudes will give you a perfect dancing partner. Having these attitudes your horse will be able to read your mind and understand your communication that is going to surprise you. These attitudes are created from five simple interactions at liberty you share with your horse daily. You will learn what you can do with a horse and what not to do with a horse.

One Stride At A TimeDanika and Miracle

My Insider Circle and Extended Circle courses are about learning the Method with an easy horse first to develop your skills- so you will focus on my Method instead of focusing on the problem. Once you learn my Method, you will have the skill to work with all kinds of horses and all kinds of attitudes that need adjusting in an easy and comfortable way. You will learn how to create an optimistic horse rather than a pessimistic horse- since bad behavior comes from a horse that is not optimistic in the moment, and does not feel the bond. Horses and humans alike will do just about anything for you if they are feeling the bond.

Let the Fun Begin!

Come join in on the fun! If you do not have fun with the program, the training will not work for you. Your positive attitude will bring out the cross species bond. It is all about the joy with your horse so you can have the perfect relationship when you go to ride and train your horse.

Wild Music

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: "Drawn To Wild Horses" Unique Getaway Opportunity!

There is going to be a unique getaway opportunity coming up with Kim McElroy and Sandra Wallin not to be missed! “Drawn to Wild Horses” will be held at Return to Freedom: The American Wild Horse Sanctuary – close to Santa Barbara – September 20-23,2011. Neda DeMayo, founder of Return to Freedom, will lead a Wild Horse Walk to share the stories and wisdom of the wild horses. You can register at

I am coming to this clinic and would not miss it for the world.  To work with Kim has been my dream.  Her lines are extrodinary, so free, so urgent, so knowing of the spirit within.

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Looking forward to hearing about New Horse and Human sightings!

Have a great weekend!