The Sorraia Center - part 2

Hello and thank you for all your comments and I will be writing some blog posts soon about my Uberstreichen excercises as so many of you were asking about them. Before then though, I'd like to tell you a little more about my vision for my school. The program’s study will center around three wild horse herds consisting of caretaking lead stallions and their mares and foals on enough land to bring for 30 horses with extra feed when necessary. There will also be birth control management and horses relocated to proper environments as the numbers increase. The Sorraia Center will be a model to show how more effective ways for educating students and better methods in leadership communication through programs that bring more experiential learning, relationship and community participation.

The School will offer programs in horse behavior studies to understand the culture of horses. How horse creates their language and educate their young to bring about a unified herd in harmony and how they achieve their ability to work together as a team for community survival. There will be an intimate study of the pecking order proving that it is a system that supports the community and the weakest individual rather than a system of survival of the fittest. There will be studies showing the difference in dominate horses and leaders and how both personalities work together to create unity and safety for the herd’s survival. The study will show how dominant horses create the order and lead horses lead. The knowledge gained from the study of horse behavior and understanding in the use of the Waterhole Rituals to communicate with horses will lead to programs in human communication.

The School will bring this awareness to the public by creating tours, an interesting family stop, picnic grounds for casual observing of horse behavior, a restaurant, gift store, theater and bed and breakfast experience. The theater will show short 3D films about the Waterhole Rituals along with a new film each month that will show what has been learned in each month of observing herd behavior at the School. There will be daily guided tours for the public by the student leaders to increase appreciation of horses and their culture. Visitors will learn how the environment and weather plays an integral part in the horses’ well-being and will be a model of how nature works to support life on earth. There is also a school that will teach how to lead and interact with horses in partnership to enjoy training and performance with humans. The skill gained from this program will prepare future leaders in all fields of education, personal development and business.

The students learn optimum responsibility, leadership, and communication skills. The program is being developed based on the depth of experience I have acquired over many years teaching horses and humans horsemanship and performance. My expertise is training horses through a natural evolution at liberty, dressage, bridleless riding and herd behavior developing a working bond using every day rituals I have named the Waterhole Rituals. From observing wild herd behavior and how horses educate their young, I discovered the unwritten herd laws that develop tremendous networking ability, cooperation, and community loyalty. I also found that these laws are effective in teaching leadership and community to people and have the same capacity to improve relationship and networking skills. The focus of the method is on the quality of the relationship shared with the student and the teaching rather than the outcome and goal of the project. Today, people are more goal-oriented than community minded. If all parties have the power to communicate as to how to reach an ideal outcome for that day and the process is equally as life-enhancing as the goal, the result will offer the highest return. With focusing on building connection and enthusiasm, you can build true effective humane leaders as well as loyalty and friendship that are lasting and a resource for future networking partnerships.

What do you think?

Till next week, have a great weekend