The Sacredness of Intention

Today I thought I would share a lovely letter sent to me by Connie, one of my Insider Circle students.

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for your reminder to us about how subtle and important intention is when we are with our horses.

When I first was leasing my horse, I was purely in that place of making it all about him. That was how I dreamed having a horse would be and I was continuously thrilled having him in my life. That has not changed after proudly becoming his person and spending the last couple years with him.

In the beginning, others said my first horse should be such and such, and he should not have any lameness issues, perhaps should be older than 5+ years, etc…however, I persisted because this horse deserved to be loved as every horse does and I felt a deep connection with him. I had his teeth done, sheath cleaned, nearly fused hocks injected, and tried chiropractic and acupuncture to help the front leg issue…it was expensive, but it worked. I believed in him and saw the treasure within. I was involved with him because of the joy we felt with each other, because of something deeper within.

Then, I started riding and those around me filled my head with confusing things about sending him away for training, putting him in a frame, teasing me for ‘spoiling him’ and spending so much time with him, enjoying him, reminding me of the ‘rules’ of obedience that he should follow, etc. So much noise that it dulled my ability to hear my intuition. I was amazed at the confusing world I had entered, never having imagined it would be so complicated, only ever thinking of it as a wondrous relationship between an amazing animal and a person.

Then I herniated my cervical disk, couldn’t ride for 6 months and found you. I studied your books and videos and it all resonated with what I felt having a horse was all about. Then the gift of your class, and Monday’s call with wisdom on Intention.

Yesterday, I went to the barn with the pure intention of it being all about him. I cleared my mind, and just loved on him. I groomed him while he grazed, rubbed his legs, smoothed his face, itched his ears, stood next to him with my belly to his and my head resting in that wonderful little pocket behind his scapula, my arms draped over him, indulging in his scent, his movements. It was the start to a magical time. Later he helped me pull tall grass around my trailer and pulled up some Queen Anne’s lace, walking towards me with a flower hanging out of his mouth, which he dropped on the way. I brought it home and put it in a bud vase.

We shared a magical ride in deep relaxation and communication.

My riding instructor is amazed at the rider I returned as, after that 6 months, he can’t quite believe I am the same person because my riding is so much more relaxed and fluid and the relationship between my horse and I is so much deeper. He is thrilled and curious. I attribute it to the learning I am doing with you.

The right intention builds a magical foundation, is so natural to our instincts, but can be blocked by the noise of those who have forgotten this magical key. The right intention should be something woven through every class, every moment that we are with our horses, every moment that we are striving to live an authentic rich life.

Thank you for the reminder, it is a key I will always carry with me.

I apologize for the length of this, but I haven’t written in awhile and felt led to share my heart with you. I am saddened that our class is coming to an end, but hopeful that there may be a continuation class of some sort so I can continue my journey with you. Thank you.

Thank you for your letter. This kind of letter is never too long. It is all about the sacredness of the experience we share with horses.

I think many people see my Method as just about working at liberty rather than riding. As I'm sure you know though, this is a long way from the truth. The importance and benefit of the time we spend together with our horse, building the connection like Connie did, cannot be under-estimated in anything we do together. As you have read above, when you add the power of pure intention to this level of communication, riding becomes an effortless dance too.

Have you experienced this in your riding? I'd love to hear.

Till Thursday, enjoy the time you spend with your horse. True inspiration is often found in quite unexpected moments.