The Rewards of Liberty Work

I am setting the U.E. Class aside. I want to have an open phone session class on the U.E.. I will offer it at $35.00 for those who are interested. I want to reward the people who are enjoying the U.E. As you know I did not think that very many people would see the benefit in the exercises, so I have never offered them to anyone who was not a professional. I will have two more classes to finish up the winter program on the U.E. For anyone that wants guidance on them after that just send me your YouTubes and I will continue to guide you forward. I may choose to post your YouTubes and our correspondence on the blog if I feel it would benefit everyone.

I am getting ready to set a date for the Waterhole Rituals online course, so if you have any questions about the Method or course write me in the comments section and I will answer you or do a blog that will address your questions.

I want to address a concern that I hear crop up from time to time. A few of you feel that your horse may not like what you are asking him to do at liberty. I want to help you understand how to approach the Waterhole Rituals. The horse will experience ups and downs in how he feels in the program you bring him. This is good and is what builds the trust, well being, respect and desire to perform. You will be the judge in what he gets to do and what he chooses not to do, that is the right formula to create a happy well-adjusted horse. Horses need to have social interactions on a daily basis like we do. They will always need to be worked with to keep the relationship at its best. Working with horses needs the same focus as you would need working with children or keeping a good marriage.

Working with the Waterhole Rituals, it is hard to make lasting mistakes because the horse is free to go on his own and have a say in the matter and you are wanting him to have a good life. You can easily read your horse and tell if you need to be more strict with him or more playful or take a break or follow his lead or be the leader. The focus of the training is to create a well-adjusted personality with humans and a great dancing partner.

The Waterhole Rituals are meant to be interactive, fun and challenging. The ups and downs will most likely lead to a working bond because of your interest, the freedom and the fact that you are relating to a horse the way horses do when developing a bond. The reason they would not work would be if you had no idea how to approach your horse with them.

On the other hand, if you have no doubts in how to use the Rituals and can see how you would like to approach each successive Ritual, then they are so effective that even making some small mistakes will mean the bond will continue to grow.

My biggest concern for people using the Rituals is that a person might create a more aggressive horse or the opposite, from not being able to see how to apply them properly and to read how their horse feels. If you have raised well-adjusted children, have a good marriage and a well-socialized dog you should be able to use the Rituals to create a great partnership.

Most times the bond forms no matter what you have chosen to do, because you are spending the time together. The relationship is created from the freedom, your intention, the passing of time, the interest of a horse to want to bond and your abilities in how to be a caring leader.

Leadership is what a horse needs to feel a sense of family. I have found that lead horses enjoy human leadership sometimes more than other horses because, in my opinion, when they choose my leadership over their own they can relate and feel truly connected and can finally relax and just be with me in a herd of two.

Have a great weekend!