The Online Waterhole Rituals Course for You and Your Horse

He's talking to you
He's talking to you

The Online Waterhole Rituals Course: If your horse could talk I’ll bet he would say, “Please let’s take the course so we can get to know each other better, where we both can get to be our authentic selves, so we may dance at Liberty effortlessly, easily and naturally”.

From the positive feedback we have received, the course is a wonderful medium for everyone to learn the Waterhole Rituals. My program is created to support and enhance all equestrian pursuits; such as Western Dressage, Bit-less Riding, etc...

You and your horse will share bonding and corrective rituals natural to horses to deepen the respect, the connection and enhance the performance of your horse. These rituals develop a horse to match your movements like a mirrored reflection. It is the most nurturing dance you can experience with a horse from the ground. It is a way to put well-being into action through building respect, trust, and willingness into your horse's daily working relationship with you. The result will be amazing and time will disappear.

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horses being close
horses being close

What you get out of this course:

The purpose of this course is to learn how to use the Waterhole Rituals, which will lead you to understand the true nature of horses and know how to train a horse at liberty. As you grow the relationship with your horse you gain a sense of personal empowerment. Through the freedom you share with one another, you exercise a feeling of well-being that brings you an awareness to a universal connection to all things. How your horse responds to you brings your authentic self into action.

By learning how to apply the Waterhole Rituals in most situations, the continued training of your horse will be magical in how quickly he picks up his new lessons.  If you are a knowledgeable rider, the partnership you have developed on the ground will significantly improve your horse’s performance and connection under saddle.

This course is designed to transform your leadership to be effective and inviting from a new perspective. You will learn how to shape your horse’s character to fit in harmony with you.

How we go about working a horse at liberty using the Waterhole Rituals:

We do not get into a power struggle at times of resistance. We pause and when the horse is happy, relaxed and feeling the bond, we practice the ritual or rituals that would bring back willingness, focus, and respect. Correcting a horse in this manner deepens the bond and your horse will offer a more willing performance. What you are focused on is creating an optimistic horse that will take correction willingly and perform effortless easily and naturally.

These are the steps we will be taking in the course:

1st step – is to achieve well-being by Sharing Territory and getting back to your authentic self and personal empowerment through my guidance.

2nd step - is forming an inter-species bond to build the connection and respect.

3rd step - is to shape your horse’s character and attitude to fit in harmony with you.

4th step - is to dance with your horse at Liberty through a magnetic connection in friendship.

5th step- is how to appraoch your horse every day with the Waterhole Rituals to keep the horse's willing to follow your lead and to keep growing the bond.

My style of coaching:

My main focus is to help you and your horse to enjoy the process. There will be challenges.  Horses and humans alike have no fault insurance in my class. Working with your horse, you offer leadership that will keep the bond growing. I will design your appraoch with my method to suit your philosophy in how to approach the training of your horse with the Waterhole Rituals.

carolyn with 4 horses
carolyn with 4 horses

The Waterhole Rituals is a universal communication system: 

You will learn when to pause, when to lead, when to follow, when to support and when to direct. You will also learn when to listen, when to influence, when to change the subject to achieve a positive response. Horses can show us many things, and working with the Rituals helps us learn more about ourselves as shown in the E.F.L. part of the program.

Using the Waterhole Rituals as a guidepost is a universal way to communicate with family and friends as well. What you learn will translate into your daily lives. You will be given the tools you need to not let others take advantage of you. These tools will help you to develop strong loyalties and deeper friendships. You will learn how to build connections with others by learning to really listen; You will know better in how to treat others to win their support. It is not about being easy or firm, it is about knowing the way that will elicit  connections with others.  You will be more interested in bringing well-being to others from this practice because you will quickly learn that bring well being to others in this manner they will want to return the favor.

Which Class to take:

If you take the Insider's Circle class, I custom design your lessons just for you and your horse on the conference call. I also coach you on the videos you send me. You will have a library of videos that will be added to your lessons as you go along.  The office staff is available to help you if you need some technical support. It is all very exciting and a step-by-step program that will not leave you behind. Everyone can reach me in the classroom to report progress.

If you are brand new to my method, I generally suggest that you start in the Extended Circle class in order to acquaint yourself with my method. Then you could choose to take the Insiders Circle the following season. If you finish all requirements after two season you will receive a certificate of completion.  After you have completed an Insider's Circle class, you can then take the Carolyn Resnick Method & E.F.L. Clinic here at my ranch.  You will make forever friends during these courses. I also do 3 and 5 day private courses at my ranch.

Alan Young and Mr. Ed
Alan Young and Mr. Ed

Staying in Touch and Making More Friends:

We have had horse trainers, other people with other methods, health and nutrition experts, healers, veterinarians, animal communicators and anything else you can imagine in the classes. There is allot of exchange and support from the expertise that is offered between students. If you are not in any of these fields and you are just looking for a better relationship with your horse, you will be sure to form friendships easily. I would also like to add that I often find that my students have a lot in common with one another. They are using the horse as their guide along with trial and error. No one is arrogant, they are all looking to connect, and all are horse lovers.

Please join us in an adventure with your horse that will last a lifetime.


Watch out for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you. Warmly, Carolyn


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