The New Direction of the Blog

The journey with horses is a personal journey. For this reason, the Waterhole Rituals™ are the first step to meet the unique needs of each individual horse and human partnership. This was the mission of my online school for the past several years, and still is as we move forward into the future. We are growing the online school programs by offering more on-site support and classes this year. There is an increasing interest worldwide in developing a closer connection, partnership, and friendship with horses. The practical side of spending time to develop the Waterhole Rituals with your horse at liberty without tack before training a horse to perform is that it will shorten the overall training time, and improve the horse’s performance once he is trained. It is also easy to add the Waterhole Rituals to your existing program with your horse. If you do not have a training program, you can choose to work entirely on the relationship with your horse through the Waterhole Rituals. Awakening the Performance People are starting to see that the performance is best when the relationship is more important than the dance itself. Through this awareness, there is an awakening to life, and the present moment becomes more precious. You will discover a support system in nature that brings your dreams to you with no effort. Now, more than ever, online schools can help you as an individual to develop your personal interest and relationship with your horse. I find that online schools can help greater numbers of people than any other form of education and are the most affordable and most convenient way to get personalized guidance. You can develop the experience you would like to have with your horse in the training process and choose the program to fit your time schedule and specific interests.

What You Will Gain The purpose of the online school is to support you at your skill level while showing you how to use my Method to connect with your horse’s individual personality and attitude. The Waterhole Rituals will help to support all training methods and all equestrian activities from trail riding, dressage, western riding, bridle-less riding, to a beloved family pet. How the Waterhole Rituals do this is by developing a deeper desire in your horse to want to perform and understand your requests by giving you an amazing communication system. You will gain your own personalized set of keys to develop your horse’s performance.

Changes in the Wind Soon, the subscription for my current blog will be $20/month. By subscribing, you will be able to have an all-year-round direct connection with me and receive continued lessons, including ranch lessons and inspirational talks on video that will be accessible only through this blog. As a gift to my subscribers, you will be first in line for all workshops and classes, and you will also get a 10% discount on all products, services and classes I offer throughout the year.

Information on the Insider Circle and Extended Circle Programs The Insider Circle and Extended Circle classes on the Waterhole Rituals are designed around your personal journey as it evolves step by step from the interactions you experience with your horse. We start at liberty in your horse’s paddock, or in a large open area that he enjoys being in. In this environment, your communications of the Waterhole Rituals will begin in the moments of a magical connection when your horse approaches you from a spontaneous interest to connect. As I guide each person in the class, you will learn more about all horses in general through how differently each horse responds to the Waterhole Rituals and the personalized guidance I give each horse and human. You will learn there is a time to change your leadership style as the 5 Heart Felt Strings of Connection™ become stronger between you and your horse, and when your horse begins to choose your leadership over his own without a fuss.

Returning Students: For people who are repeating the Insider Circle class and are more advanced in my Method, my focus will be on liberty dancing, riding at liberty, and energy control. I will coach each of you on the things you are interested in so let me know at the beginning of the course what it is you are most interested in during our first conference call of the course.

Something New! Something that I am really excited about is a new free webzine that I will be offering! It will be the Good News For Horses newsletter featuring all kinds of information on new ideas in the equestrian world, good horse sense, the care and training of horses, articles written by my Certified Clinicians and by my readers, along with articles from many sources that I have picked out special, just for my readers. The Good News For Horses webzine will be a monthly publication.

Of course, I hope to see that most of you will be joining me in my classroom and continue to benefit from the advancement of my lessons in the blog, and I hope we will also get newcomers to my Method that I can support as well.

Please Let Me Know… I would like to hear from you on your ideas, comments, and questions regarding the new programs we will be offering. I expect this new site to be up in the next couple of months. More information will be out on the Insider Circle and Extended Circle programs in the coming weeks.

May the Horse Be With You!