The Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Class

Hello. This week finds me in the middle of my Self-Realization through the Waterhole Rituals™ course, which lasts for ten days. Actually, we are three days into the course already and having such fun! I will tell you more about it in future blog posts. However, with the next Insider Circle Program fast approaching, I've written down some thoughts covering the more important points for people who may be interested in taking the next class. Hopefully what I say will give you some clarity as to whether to choose the Insider Circle as a way to learn my Method over working directly with me from my ranch, telephone coaching or using my DVD’s.

Working with horses at liberty can be more challenging than working a horse with tack because you are giving him or her the freedom to experience their true feelings. This is why we take it slowly with the Insider Circle Course. You are learning how to train a horse in a free, open environment by developing a bond in a slow and natural process like the boy in the movie 'The Black Stallion'. It is truly natural and time consuming and more rewarding than you can imagine.

I have mentioned this many times before but I cannot put too much emphasis on the importance of the First Ritual, Sharing Territory. I know everyone wants to rush ahead and get onto the other Rituals but I'm here to tell you that to skip the First Ritual is to miss out on all the magic that it can bring. During the summer class, we had probably reached session number 3 and were still focusing on Sharing Territory and this caused some amount of frustration within the class. What you must understand is that the natural world goes along at it's own pace and you can't rush these things. Aren't the best things in life worth waiting for?

This is what one of the class wrote:

It is a priceless program for anyone with a horse, no matter who you are. If you are interested in developing skills and techniques, or want to develop a deeper bond with your horse, you will find answers here. You will also be surprised by the process, and may find that your needs/questions/desires change as the course progresses and you move through the rituals. I have recommended it to several already!

I think everyone who took the class will agree too that working in groups is really great. You get to learn so much by listening, reading and watching other people's YouTube videos as well as writing about your own experiences and making your own videos.

The feedback we have received from current Insider Circle Program students on how to improve the course has been very helpful, so thank you and we will be incorporating many of your suggestions to enhance the next program. I know many of you have completed the survey but I'm sure it would be very helpful if you could leave any comments of encouragement below including what was enjoyable about the process for you, what your skill level was and is now and how the Insider Circle Program has improved your horsemanship.

The next Insider Circle program will be begin either the end of September or the beginning of October and I'm really looking forward to it. I want to make this next program even more successful than the first and therefore I have decided I will only take a maximum of 25 students this time so that I can give you more of my personal attention and support.

One other important point I should make. In order to participate in the Insider Circle Program or the 'In a Box' version of the Program, I recommend that you should at least have a basic ability to direct a horse and protect yourself. I really don't wish anyone to get hurt and so if you are in any doubt as to whether you should participate, I strongly advise you to err on the side of caution.

If you have not already signed up for the waiting list and get first preference on entry to the Program, then I urge you to do so by going to the Coaching Programs page. If you any specific questions that you think require a personal answer from me, please feel free to email with your telephone number and the times that I can reach you and I will try and call you. Thank you.