The First Lesson We Learn Being with Horses

Horses test us and build our character through their innate nature and natural instincts by how they respond to us. One of the ways they test us is by how we approach them. However, the rudder is lost in how to learn what a horse has to teach us if a horse is forced against his will to respond differently from his natural instincts. The path is lost in how to grow spiritual awareness, compassion, and wisdom. When a horse comes to us, it naturally puts us in a position in having to choose whether to lead him, follow him, or be with him in the pause. A combination of these interactions in the right sequence builds a wonderful partnership revealing how to connect with all things. By learning when to lead, when to follow, and when to pause we grow the cross species bond and our spiritual evolution. This is our first lesson with a horse. Not only is it our first lesson, it is the lesson we are always facing when working or being with horses.

When we are in rhythm with nature it is easy to know when to lead, when to follow, and when to be in the pause. Learning from horses the dance we have with them becomes alive and vital. Life begins to make sense in deeper ways. Questions are replaced by knowingness. When we become in rhythm with nature, our choices for communication and leadership are naturally inclusive and inviting. When we are in rhythm with nature, our desire for spiritual awareness increases. When we have this desire, we automatically know how to be connected with horses and are able to learn the lessons they have to offer us.

Walking Meditation: An exercise you can do to increase your natural way with horses

Walk alone in nature. Make a new path of your creation. Pay attention to the path you take so you can take it again. Enjoy your journey. Feel your spirit rising within you that is created from your journey walk. Pretend that you are a horse. Take steps purposely like a horse would. Become aware of your horse body. Feel your energy change to be more horse like and how differently you see things around you like you imagine a horse would see things. Be observant and relaxed.

Find a spot in nature to end your walk on that feels magical and healing. Also, pick up things that are good to eat or smell. Then return to the barn, give your horse your treats, and tell your horse about your walk and where you went. Tell him you will take him there with you one day.

If you like, share your walk with me in a poem. Describe the feeling you had walking in a horse body and how you felt talking to your horse about your spiritual journey. Your poem will also have a great impact on deepening your understanding and spiritual connection.

Liberty comes in many forms and offers many insights!!

May the Horse Be With You!