The Fall Online Waterhole Rituals Course is Open for Registration

Photo by Teddie ZieglerIt is that time of year again for the annual Fall online Waterhole Rituals course in how to train a horse at Liberty.  It starts October 1st and 2nd. This is the ninth year of my online course in the Waterhole Rituals, helping people around the world from as far off as Australia, as remote as Vietnam, and as close as my own county. We have students who continue to enroll annually, and semi-annually, to continue advancing their training at Liberty at each level of my Method.

If you own a horse and would like to learn how to train at Liberty for a better relationship and better communication with your horse, you will enjoy my online class. You will receive more benefits than you can imagine. Can you believe it, you can take an online course that will help you to train your horse at home. Sounds crazy, but it works and I believe you will love it!  I also want to suggest that if you don't have a horse, you will learn many insights by taking the extended circle course.

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I developed the Waterhole Rituals as a step by step process for deepening the bond, trust, respect, focus, and performance between horse and human.  The Rituals were developed from how I learned to communicate with wild horses in nature.

The prerequisite for the course is that you have read my book "Naked Liberty" and you have watched my "Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals" DVD.  This will help you to better understand the focus of my work, training horses at Liberty.

The purpose of the online course is to help horse loving equestrians to communicate more effectively from a friendship based training method at Liberty. It is also a way to warm up your horse each day to have a perfect connection in performance for riding and training.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerSince you will be working with me online, I do need to know that you have a basic knowledge in knowing how to read horses, that's it! That is just enough. We then can build a dream horse and a dream relationship at Liberty that will support any and all equestrian pursuits. My Method was designed to support all other training methods.

I designed the Waterhole Rituals to prepare both horse and human so that the performance under saddle and the training are achieved from a harmonious connection. Once you have achieved a working bond with the Waterhole Rituals, you will have increased the horse's ability to learn, which shortens the overall training of the horse under saddle.

The purpose of my method is to set aside the performance training to develop the relationship and a communication system so that you can achieve the lightest of aids for performance under saddle and training with tack.

My coaching style is to help you to grow your horsemanship skills at a pace that suites both you and your horse.  I offer no fault insurance for you and your horse.

If it is your first time taking my Insider's Circle course, we will walk you though the steps in how to submit your video lessons with your horse and guide you in how to use the classroom. My virtual classroom is very easy to get around in.  If you are taking the Extended Circle course, it is like a "study at home" program.

In Summation:

The focus of the course is on bonding, communication, creating light aids, team building, manners, and developing your horse to follow your lead in a dependable manner and how to approach the training of a horse at Liberty to bring out a positive response.

The difference of my Method from other programs is that we are focused on a relationship and not training.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerWhat you need in order to qualify for the course is:

1. Enough horse knowledge that your horse will walk, trot, or canter away from you at your request at Liberty.

2. You must be over 18 years of age.

3. As a first time student in the course, you will also need to have an easy horse in the course that will help you learn, one that would not take more skill than you have right now to handle.

4. You need to have enough knowledge of horses to keep yourself safe.

If you are already using another method of training with your horse, you can combine the training you are doing right now with the training in this online course.

Bonding with your horse at Liberty is meant to produce a magical partnership and a heart warming, life changing experience for both you and your horse.  You will be pleased to find that force is never needed in order to have a willing, well-trained horse.

The Waterhole Rituals are so natural that any horse, of any age, can be trained at Liberty.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerYou will make many friends through sharing your experiences in the classroom and your education will be greatly expanded from observing how I go about coaching each person in the way I choose to use the Waterhole Rituals for their specific journey. This knowledge will help you to work with your own horse more effectively. The classes are filling up fast, so register soon.

If you have any questions, please leave me a message in the comments section below or you can email Teddie at

If you take this course your horse will love you for it because it is something you can do together that will bring you closer.

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Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn



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