The Evolution of Horsemanship Through Connection

It was so nice to be able to offer the free conference call on the U.E. Exercises and my free winter program. The U.E. exercises are a perfect thing to focus on for the winter month’s because it requires minimum activity and can be so easily adapted to doing several of the exercises from a stall or paddock. It is so exciting to reach people from around the world and discover at last, people who are interested in bringing out the true nature of the horse and connecting with them through a personal bond, giving their horse freedom of choice, and a more than equal say in the partnership we share with them. It is also most important that the programs we offer to our horses and students are flexible enough to suit the conditions of the moment and the personalities and abilities of both the horse and their human. I feel I am doing something truly worth while and on the cutting edge for man’s humanitarian evolution.

These exercises were developed from my struggles to find a new way to bring clarity and understanding to the horse about the driving and rein aids given to them by children when they were in competition. Over time these exercise I developed became my staple for any form of training. I felt they were the evolution of the art of horsemanship for the classical training and Dressage world. That was my private thought. I now feel they are fundamental to any form of connection with a horse.

I never imagined that anyone would want to do the U.E. exercises at this point of their development. I feared the U.E might be viewed with misunderstanding, because I have not spent enough time explaining their purposes to you well enough to do them the justice that they deserve.

I would mention them from time to time in my classroom on the blog and the next thing I knew, you wanted to know more about them. At the time, I thought that no one would want to spend the time that they would take or that you guys would believe that they could be the answer to optimum collection and performance under saddle. I did not think that I would be able to teach them productively from the format of the blog without  teaching in person.

With your persistence and suggestion that I was holding back, or not wanting to share them with you, it opened my mind to offering them free.  I was surprised that you would trust their outcome enough to practice them.  I was also spurred on to share them with you because of the Rollkur incident that came up. I could not believe my eyes, that some riders could be so ignorant that Rollkur could be seen as an artful way to approach a horse or partnership. I knew the U.E. were the answer to the willingness for connection with the horse that would replace the need of Rollkur.

Try approaching the exercises like a body worker or sports massage therapist  would approach a client who is getting an interactive sports massage for relaxation and flexibility. Imagine you are that masseuse finding the spots of resistance and stiffness in the body and  then using the appropriate pressure  it would take to create the release and relaxations for that client by checking in with the client to see if the pressure is not too hard or if they could in fact use more pressure. You are looking for the resistance in your horse and then working with the horse to get the horse to release and relax.

The Waterhole Rituals are creating and working with the receptiveness of the horse and the U.E. are working with the resistance to create relaxation and willingness.

There is a freedom that I find in sharing what I know about horses with you that is uplifting to us both. The blog is developing into a community of like minds sharing original experiences, where we learn from horses by allowing the spontaneous things that happen, to bring out our natural abilities and to proceed with our horses to create the dance we wish to share.

I want to thank you for receiving my blog and programs with  as much enthusiasm, respect, and appreciation as you have. Next week we will be focusing on the Waterhole Rituals and of course, I will continue to support you in your growth with the U.E exercises.

Have a Happy Easter. I will be spending the day in joy connecting with spring and being with loved ones.