The Egyptian Stallion

Hello. Today I would like to tell you about the experience I had once with an Egyptian (Arabian) Stallion. At 3.5 years old, this stallion was labeled a human hater. He was very dangerous. When offered treats, he had no interest in the food, he only wanted to bite fingers. When he came to me, I put him in a stall. The stall front was solid wood about 3-4 feet high and then there were vertical bars so that air could circulate, light could get in and the horses could see out.

So for this stallion, I stacked bales of hay until they were at the height where the bars began and I unrolled my sleeping bag there. Every night for a month or so I slept on that stack of hay. I had to be careful not to get too close because that horse was just looking for an opportunity to get me.

During the day, I would bring my mini horse called Laddie in the aisle of the barn to train. At the time I was asking him to wait at the far end of the aisle for my signal, then come over to me. On the way, he would have to go over a small jump. When he came to me, Laddie would get a cookie and the stallion would get one too. This went on for about 30 days or so, with the stallion getting a cookie every time Laddie did. One day, Laddie was not there, so I decided to see if I had made any progress. I let the stallion out of the stall but carried my water gun with me, just in case. I was not at all sure that he would not attack me.

Well, guess what happened? That stallion went straight to the end of the aisle, waited for my signal, ran, jumped over the jump, came to me and waited for his cookie. After that, I was able to train this horse.

He was eventually sold, still a stallion, to a 10-year old girl as a riding horse. He stayed a good boy. When something is really, really bad, there is usually something really, really good inside. This story shows the benefit of just being together with a horse and again emphasizes the power of the first Ritual, Sharing Territory.

Hope you enjoyed the story and as ever I'd love to hear if you have any similar stories.