Thank you for Joining me on my Webinar on Rude Behavior in Horses

Carolyn at the ComputerThank you for joining me on my free webinar. It was a pleasure to connect with all of you on the subject of rude behavior in horses and how to handle it.   I was so pleased to see so many of you out there looking to bring more well being to horses through interactive communication. When offering my insights in how to train horses I like to guide people to a deeper empathy through understanding the true nature of horses.

Horses are a lot like us in many ways in how we learn social behavior. Horses train their young ones as they are growing up and we do the same thing.

FAIRMONT HOTEL BEYERFrom a tea party, my mother played with me, I learned how to be polite. The first thing I learned was how much fun it was.  I learned how to put my napkin on my lap, and what kind of conversations to have with people at the table and how to let the other person talk as much as I did, and how to set the table. I learned how to enjoy the interactions of politeness.   This enjoyment for politeness increased my empathy for others in my life.  When you create polite behavior in your horse it will create empathy for you, if it’s done in a civil way.

In nature, horses train their young ones to be polite around grazing interactions.  Horses have fun by moving each other around and squabbling over personal space.  This is all a part of growing up and learning how to fit in. As they are learning through their squabbling they enjoy their drama and see it as a game. Sometimes feelings get hurt but this is part of growing up.

horse herdHorses love their games of sharing and not sharing, directing, and being moved. Their games help the horse’s to be able to graze in harmony while sharing companionship with one another.  From the games played the bonds deepen and politeness and empathy are the outcome.

When we train a horse how to be in harmony with us, our empathy and caretaking leadership grows. The journey is enjoyable and the outcome is social connectedness.

When horses are developing social order it can be as ruff as football game or as gently as a soft look received warmly. In these interactions a deeper understanding of communication is formed along with stronger loyalties and friendships. With my method we can alleviate the ruff housing.

Carolyn and OsoThe first step, training a horse at Liberty with my method, is to build the relationship and a desire in the horse to follow your lead. With the Waterhole Rituals you are looking to build a bond as deep as the bond that a horse would share with another horse. The next step, once the bond is formed, is to build trust.  The third step is to create politeness in the horse which develops the respect. Developing this respect causes a horse to have a natural desire to follow your lead.

In these steps you do not deal with tack or asking for performance.  It is about developing a respectful response to your leadership when it is the horse’s wishes to do so. The reason you want to take this time to build the bond and the horse wanting to follow your lead is to give you an ability to further train your horse in a graceful manner for performance training.  For example like in the Pat Parelli’s method, natural horsemanship, pleasure riding or Dressage to name a few.

Desiree Taylor

From the politeness training with the Waterhole Rituals a deeper connection is formed.  It prepares a horse for performance training because he is set up to enjoy working with you.  This way the performance training of the horse is gained effortlessly, easily and naturally. Performance for the horse should always look like it is the horses desire to perform.

A big point I want to make is that horse training for performance needs to be more graceful.

Never should a horse be considered rude when a horse does not follow your lead in performance and these are the reasons why:

There are two reasons.  First- In a natural herd if the horse does not want to be directed by a lead horse   the horse simple moves away from the leaders influence. That is what horses know and this is truly natural to them. When tack is on the horse he can not escape, so there is nothing natural about it.

The second reason - what I learned from the years of training horses for performance is that you do not need force to train them under saddle or from the ground, even if you are in a hurry.

The Waterhole Rituals I offer in my programs for training a horse at Liberty are designed to develop self realization while building a partnership with your horse, caretaking leadership skills, and understanding the nature of your horse more deeply. In the process of the practice of the program the student develops their creative problem solving skills and learns how to train a horse at Liberty using natural instincts in how to communicate with a horse. It is about fun while developing cooperation from your horse.   Learning how to influence a horse to follow your lead from a natural process becomes a heart-felt fulfilling experience.  The partnership gained from dancing with your horse at Liberty is magical. The liberty dance with your horse is experienced in a spontaneous dance pattern that erupts from a magnetic connection shared between you and your horse.

In you are interested in the online courses it is a great thing to get involved with to really get to know your horses and your true self through the creative process of Liberty training.   We still have one (1) space left for our November "Beyond the Waterhole Rituals" Clinic and three (3) spots left for our December "Beyond the Waterhole Rituals" Clinic.  For more information click the link below....


Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn


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