Thank you and an invitation...

Thank you everyone for your 'birthday' messages, encouragement and all the energy you have all personally brought to my site. When I share with you my knowledge of horses and how you can develop a connection for all your equestrian pursuits, my focus is to empower horses and humans alike to connect in partnership with one another, in harmony and understanding. I want to support all the different formulae and methods of training for self-reliant people. My focus is to help you to develop a communication system with horses that enables all other methods to be easier to apply. Last and most important of all is to help you to develop a connection to the heart and soul of the horse by following a path of harmony and unity. As I indicated last week, to work with a horse you need some amount of natural leadership ability to create trust, respect, loyalty and harmony in a working partnership. The good news is most people have this ability to draw upon from their own life experiences.

How I improve situations for people who think they have problems with their horse is to focus on what is working in the relationship and not on what is not working. My Method is for people who have innate talent with animals and who can learn on their own through the life experience they share with their horse. My Method focuses on learning how to connect, how to build and keep respect, how to lead, how to be attentive, how to be nurturing and how to plan.

The Waterhole Rituals present an opportunity for you to learn horse behavior and thus not only be able to deal with your horse but which will also result in a true partnership. The Waterhole Rituals allow the horse to teach his human partner how to be a caretaker, leader and best friend. My blog focuses on sharing our personal journeys with our horses with one another. From sharing our success stories, we can lead others to the integrity of the universal truth in what role horses play in our lives today.

I would love to hear your comments how reading my blog has empowered the connection you share with your horse. So please send me your YouTube video links and photo’s to and I'll let you know what I think how you're doing.

Till next time...