Telepathic Communication with the Waterhole Rituals

I have created a virtual student to help me in coaching you. My virtual student has a great relationship with her horse. In fact, once she learned how to use my Method she developed a tremendous ability to communicate with her horse telepathically. Once that connection was achieved through the Method, she stopped the practice and focus of my Method and just used telepathic communication alone. Her horse has finally lost interest because she is not focused on the strings of connection that must be maintained. There is no courtship in telepathic communication or the ability to make adjustments in the relationship. While telepathic communication is very natural and beneficial to use it cannot take the place of developing the strings of connection, sharing body language, and intent. When only using telepathic communication, there is no way to create a magnetic connection. My virtual student wants to exclusively use telepathic communication and this keeps her away from the real experiences and challenges that arise from trial and error, she finds that she also has problems with her other relationships in her life where interplay is needed for cooperation, connection and understanding. Life and relationships are a dance in attitudes, connections, and disconnections. Body language is part of the fun and so are the challenges and the journey of working things out together. If she stayed to the journey of the Method, she would develop herself so she could win friends and influence others to respect, support, and stay interested in her. Don’t miss the classroom opportunity that life, freedom and experimentation have to offer us in the pursuit of the magical connection with others.

Horses have a system that can provide for us the knowledge of how to build support and create loyalty in others and how to work with our losses to achieve our goals. We can learn this by studying the way horses go about building relationships in harmony and unity, and raising their young.

Stick to the program as it was designed, work with the freedom nature provides, the challenges it creates and the unwritten code all animals in nature share.

Horses put their focus on establishing the magnetic support from one another. This is where I chose to put my focus with horses as well. It has helped me become a team player and embarked me in a journey that has made life more rewarding.

Building a true relationship with a horse has many aspects; it is not just about telepathy it is only a part of the whole. Remember the focus is to be aware of where the relationship is going and lead it to a deeper connection.