Taking the Long Journey

A cultivated understanding of the culture of horses enables us to fit in with them, train them and befriend them and brings out a horse’s desire to bond and follow our lead, as well as an amazing ability to perform for us in all equestrian pursuits. Just picking up some tips to be able to get along with horses has some serious drawbacks. Trying to fix horses that do not fit with their jobs or with our abilities also has drawbacks. Taking the long journey to get to know horses has no drawbacks and offers a more enjoyable experience that is far reaching. You evolve your ability to create a connection with horses from being able to acquire a state of being and consciousness that horses are drawn to. The best way to acquire this cultivation is by being present in the moment when a horse feels safe and comfortable. We need to spend time watching horses with a keen eye to learn how horses communicate with one another, and how horses train horses and how leadership in horses can be gross as well as highly sophisticated, since it comes from an care taking approach. Care taking lead horses have a natural magnetism. This magnetism is a state of being that can be trusted as it comes from a consciousness that is greater than the horses he is leading. All horses are draw to humans who have these same qualities.

Through hours of sharing territory and observing horses we learn their true culture. Many of us are unable to go to the wild and study the culture of horses in herd groups but we can if we choose learn from one horse how to connect with him by using the Waterhole Rituals. From sharing the moment and being present to only your horse and the task at hand we become master communicators and leaders and receive a state of beingness and personal magnetism that draws harmony and unity to you where goals are reached without effort.

From the first Waterhole Ritual Sharing Territory, where the bond grows deep, the horse begins to see us as a family member and trusted friend as the practice of this Ritual creates in us a true awakened state of being present to the moment, like a horse. This focus causes a horse to naturally connect and understand our communication. Being present in the moment from this practice also helps us acquire magnetic leadership, without effort. From this state, we communicate more appropriately and begin to share a cellular connection with the horse where we share the same body rhythm with him. This connection opens up many avenues to a true partnership and we can wind up on the back of a horse through divine providence. Out of this connection grows the best relationship you can have with a horse for all equestrian pursuits. This is where the dance with horses and humans begins

Along this slow journey, it is also important to learn from riding a good horse, a horse that enjoys being ridden and wants to follow your lead and to take lessons and learn more about horses from books. Study all methods of horsemanship from any sources you can find. Almost all horsemen have followed this approach but in ways that they never expected to and in ways that took them more years as they tried to reach goals that they expected to achieve and never did. Taking the long journey can actually prove to be shorter in the end.

You may be interested to know that I have a new DVD coming out in the next few weeks that will help you get into just the right space for just being with your horse. It's called Waterhole Meditations and there'll be more details and a trailer coming soon. In the meantime, I would like to invite you to share your personal journey in horsemanship with me and everyone:

  • What is it that first drew you to horses?
  • What draws you now if it's different?
  • And from this natural interest, what is it you like doing best with your horse?
  • I look forward to your replies. Enjoy your week