Often Success Comes from Failure

The art of horsemanship is grown from the practice of connection not the practice of force. The art of horsemanship is developed from the practice of growing your leadership at the edge of your ability because at this point it causes you to consider your actions, which are the natural instincts of a leader. I have now really lost interest in reaching goals and am now more interested in experimenting in how to develop a partnership with horses from the natural evolution that springs forth from sharing moments in unity and harmony and the horse guiding my journey and decisions in my leadership choices. I used to use more of my God given talent for making connection, changes for the better and performance and was really great at pushing the limits whilst keeping the connection. However, I am now looking to use less talent and gain more support from the evolution that happens naturally.

I would love to hear from all of you what your journey is right now in your relationship with horses. The personal challenges that you are working out for yourself, your sacred walk and what you are hoping to achieve in the art of horsemanship and harmonious connection in friendship and performance. I want to help people who might be feeling frustrated with themselves and feeling a lack of ability.

Working with a horse is not easy. Failure will lead to success if you can understand why it would. Sometimes we fail on the path and sometimes we succeed. The keys are to slow down and choose an approach that is more discerning. I think the key to less failure is to choose the right attitude. Think about where you put your focus and stay in touch with your natural ability to communicate and stay likable and know when to ask, how to build respect and how long to request performance. When you look at it like this you can see how it is not an easy matter and this should alleviate your thinking that your lack of ability or your horse is at fault.

One of the hardest lessons in our lives is knowing how to create a connection through communication that creates loyalty, trust, support and well being. We all go about it in different ways and at different levels and whatever road we take has purpose. If you are frustrated, remember that you are working with many levels of connection and understanding this difficulty makes it easier to let go of your frustration. It is almost mandatory to fail in order to succeed and it is also so valuable to try to stay in the zone of connection and avoid failure when you can. Knowing you are on a sacred journey will support you.

Every day I strive to improve my horsemanship. Every day I look to evolve my relationship with the first Waterhole Ritual™ to deepen the connection of trust, support and understanding. I start out focused on putting my awareness on the awesome spirit and community of horses before I go out to them. I find that watching my Waterhole Reflections Meditation DVD has a power that connects me to a place that supports my daily journey by keeping me on the path and getting myself in the moment.

When I am in this state of appreciation I then go to the horses and use the first Waterhole Ritual,™ Sharing Territory, and then read, write or just relax and put myself in a state of well being and balance in the present moment. From this I have better skills in discernment. This is when I plan my curriculum and leadership approach with my horse and it usually works out. If it does not, I congratulate myself on my fortitude to stay strong in my conviction that failure will lead me to a higher evolution on my journey in the art of communication and leadership with horses. The Waterhole Reflections Meditations DVD will be available soon.

I hope that helps and please write and let me know about your journey. Enjoy the weekend