Student Explorations with the Uberstreichen Exercises

Hello. I will be doing one more Uberstreichen Excercise in this series before we take a break to give you some more time to work with them. I'll then be doubling back round for the sake of any new readers to the blog and revisit the Waterhole Rituals in the run up to the new Insider Circle Class. So today I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the videos I've received from students who have been working with the Uberstreichen Exercises. You will see a variety of styles and responses from the horses. Some of the videos you may have seen but the feeling and the technique will be different between these videos. These clips help you see the ease and pace you are working toward.





And to whet your appetite for the Waterhole Rituals, here are a couple of videos from the last class:



If you've been working with either the Uberstreichen Exercises or the Waterhole Rituals, please let us know about your experiences. This should make for another a great discussion!

Have a lovely weekend!