Springtime Inspiration

  Hello All!

I thought for today since we just finished up the Uberstreichen Exercises Class last Thursday, it would be a good day for a little springtime vacation! Lately, every time I have been outside I am pleasantly surprised by all of the new green grasses, spring wild flowers, and birds singing. I find this time of year so magical, even the way the sun shines on the bushes and trees seems to be in celebration. There is a fresh sweetness to the air from the orange trees in bloom. Seeing nature is always so refreshing, and I am thankful for the return of spring.

Out in the Pasture

Today I would like to share a little of my weekend. I went to visit a friend’s ranch, and at the end of a marvelous day looking for quartz crystals, and going on a wild flower safari hike, we finished off our day of springtime exploration on a large rock “island” in the middle of the pasture while her horses grazed. Sitting on top of a mountain, we could see for miles. The giant rocks that we sat on were smooth and curved like they were made to be sat in- like natural recliner chairs. The boulders still radiated with warmth from the day’s sunlight and kept us warm as the crispness of a spring night began to set in. Listening to the chewing sounds of the horses, a feeling of contentment seemed to blanket the entire ranch.  A family of cottontails came from around the other side of the rock to eat with the horses. As we sat there, watching the mares graze and explore around their field, the light sounds of frogs from a nearby pond echoed through the canyon below us. The horses seemed to glow from the late afternoon sun and cast beautiful long shadows as they meandered around looking for the best grasses. Way off in the distance, we could hear the lovely howl of a lone coyote.  As the softness of the sunlight casted dancing shadows on the rocks and sagebrush around us, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day. When ever I think about nature and see the beauty that abounds around us I am grateful and inspired. I am always looking for nature, even if it is in a place I would not expect, like a lupine flowering on the side of a freeway overpass.

Positive Thinking

Sometimes I set out with the goal of finding as many different plants and animals that I can. Having this outlook of adventure helps to keep our minds focused in a positive way, which is extremely valuable when working with our horses. It is so important that we keep this positive outlook into the training process as well. Focusing on the positive has a snowball effect that becomes infectious! Even as I am writing this, I am getting excited about going outside again and seeing the cottontails on the trail, the grasses that are so green, and flower fields calling for an artist to come and paint them.

I hope that you find springtime inspiration wherever you are. Share a springtime walk with your horse and explore the natural beauty together! If you have any springtime inspiration stories please share them!

May the Horse Be With You!