Spring Ahead, and Take It Easy!

Hello Everyone! Since winter is starting to pack its bags- at least in some parts of the world, I would like to start out with a fresh mindset and prepare for working with our horses that are coming out of winter break. I picked the Uberstreichen Exercises for the winter program for the horses, and for my bloggers because they are the easiest exercises to bring to the horses when winter puts us on a natural lay up and slow down. The exercises are like a soft snow. They create a quieting that matches the needs of a non-demanding program when it is very cold and the ground does not offer good footing. Starting Fresh 

Now that spring is rounding the corner, and our work areas are coming back to solid footing, we can now resume our dance that we had to set aside for the winter. We are all looking forward to more active activities with our horses. To get back to the dance, we must start back slowly, and remember that we must take the time to reconnect with our horses before we ask our horses to perform what they were performing the day before. And since we have lost a season, we must take a few weeks to start our springtime celebration from a cautious and natural progression of liberty dancing that will support the return to what we had before the winter pause.

Keeping It Real

Yesterday I started with a horse and asked for too much, and got into an argument that I could not turn around. I did not use my head, and this may happen to you as well- so I want to help prevent this from happening to you from my example. Since I am so willing to admit my mistake, nothing is lost because today I will approach this horse with more thought, and take the time to reestablish the bond that I so took for granted. What is important to learn and remember is that sometimes we can have a fantastic performance with our horse and not realize that we have lost the connection because the performance was so important to the horse or to ourselves. It can be deceiving when we have such a performance to automatically think that all of the strings of connection are in place. We have to learn the difference between a real performance and a random offering of tricks- and to be able to test it by using the Waterhole Rituals. When the performance is not real, the horse does not respond to your requests, and it becomes obvious that the connection is lost. This is why it is so important to focus on the Waterhole Rituals each time we work with our horses in order to reaffirm our connection and foundation, and that the performance is true.

I hope this gives you some food for thought and helps you as you develop your feel for the performance as you dance with your horse. Remember the dance needs to feel like an effortless partnership, not an emotionless routine!

Please post any new horse and human sightings!

Have a Great Weekend!


P.S. Juergen sent me this beautiful photograph! Juergen- I wish I could have been along with you in your beautiful sleigh! And thank you for sending this beautiful photograph of Pagan and your beautiful winter sleigh ride!