Spring 2010 - Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Progam

Hello. Today I want to talk to you about my new Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Program and why I believe it is the foundation for all your equestrian pursuits. Before I do though, let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you dream of dancing with your horse in the same way the boy did in the movie "The Black Stallion"?
  • Would you like to truly enjoy the tranquility and peace of being together with your horse like horses do in nature?
  • Do you want to be able to read the moods of your horse and be able to change them for the better?
  • Would you at last love to really communicate with your horse?
  • And do you want to be his best friend but at the same time maintain an ideal working relationship?
  • So how do you do all this?

Of course, there are many horsemanship schools available out there. They often speak of a philosophy that is based on the high ideals of bringing about a partnership built on trust. Far too often their formulae and rules are so inflexible that the horse has no choice in the matter, he simply has to comply.

The two vital things left out of many of these programs are: The voice of the horse and the voice of the student.

What this means to you is that your feelings are not considered and the personality of your horse is ignored. The beautiful experience possible between horse and human is just pushed aside in the pursuit of performance and goals.

These schools often talk about creating unity but the programs don't come from the heart. There is far too much focus on what is being taught and achieving levels than on the student and horse themselves. The end result is more important than romancing the relationship between you and your horse. The performance is more important than finding out what your horse would actually enjoy doing and building off his interests.

And practically all schools boast of a fast method to bring about unity.

However, none of their methods allow the partnership to build in a slow, natural way from the horse’s point of view. None focus on learning the language and culture of horses and understanding how horses learn and grow. None use the bonding rituals that horses themselves use that lead to care taking behavior with humans.

The end result? You miss out on the cross species bond that you dream of and the magic you have been waiting to find.

My Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Program however can change all that for you. It will open a door to you becoming your own horse whisperer. And not just with your own horse. It will give the ability to make a connection with almost any horse at any time.

The process is best described as partnership training between you and your horse.

With my guidance, you will get to pick and choose how to use my Method to best support you and your horse. The Insider Circle Program is my way of reaching you personally. I will guide you every step of the way throughout the class on how to listen to your horse and your own instincts. From there, you will grow your ability to truly dance with horses.

Join me on what will probably be my last Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Program by clicking this link and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!