Solving problems when riding

I deal with a loss of performance under saddle using the activities surrounding the Waterhole Rituals as we are doing fun stuff together at liberty. Like the game, “Look at me and eat all you want, or come with me and I will take you to the food.” I gain co-operation and respect over food issues rather than asking a horse to perform a self-serving act under saddle. The Waterhole Rituals prepares the horse to perform under saddle perfectly by priming him to be focused, willing, connected and having the right energy to perform at its best under saddle. You will approach your horse much differently at liberty than when you are working with a horse under saddle because under saddle you are focused on the performance rather that the teamwork and quality of connection. At liberty, you will take the time and deal directly with issues of why the horse is not performing well under saddle with a kinder attitude. In this state of mind, you can put all of your attention on developing the connection instead of trying to get a horse to perform when the connection is not quite right.


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