Sharing territory

Hello. On Sunday and Monday I took part in the first of my new Waterhole Rituals Insider Circle Program and had a wonderful time! It was so valuable to me to hear all the questions and where people are having challenges and I do hope my answers helped the Insider Circle Members who took part. I thought it would be useful for everyone if I fed back some of the answers I gave as you may be having some of the same challenges.

A question came in from Marsha, who posted the question below and you can read my answer beneath that.

Thank you Carolyn, for a wonderful start. I took my almost 2 year old filly into the arena, after the session with you. When I sent her away, she first looked, very surprised, usually I just walk away from them, when I want my space. She did walk away and I rewarded her with a carrot. We did this about 4 times. All the others horses were watching very carefully. My question is… are we always to send them away from our space and connect with them, where they go to? Thank you again.

You only to ask her to go away if you think she is being too pushy. Otherwise, you let her interact with you but do not interact with her. What this will cause her to do is to try to get your attention. This will make her be more forward. I want my horses to be forward because it brings about a great spirit in them. When we do though, we need them to develop manners so they are socialable and kind and see you as a leader that they respect and like.

When your horse is too forward, ask her to go. If she comes back and is more respectful, then you have taught her to be polite. You can pet her for a while if she is polite and then go back to reading your book. Just keep working around this relationship. What you are hoping to gain is that she enjoys you company, learns to respect your personal space and that you can spend time in each others company with out too much interaction. Remember though, what you are looking for is sharing space and time doing nothing together while you read. I hope this helps everyone.