Self Realization through the Training of Horses at Liberty

Adriana and HoneyThe benefit of relaxing and Sharing Territory with horses is that you become aware of your authentic self. It is an awareness that is natural to horses. In learning to Share Territory with horses, in my program, I will guide you to a new adventure of awareness with your horse. By setting your attention on Sharing Territory with your horse, as he or she chooses to be in the moment, you will begin to feel the universal vibrations that will evolve your understanding of all things.  This evolution brings a freedom of the heart and an unspeakable joy to your soul. Becoming aware of each moment, like a horse does, brings an awareness of timelessness that will strengthen your heart, your soul and your well-being.

Through the natural process of evolution, Sharing Territory with horses is a commitment to love horses in a way that will draw all wildlife to your side in friendship and trust. Through this journey of natural evolution, you will discover your authentic self and an expanded personal well-being.  You will naturally become a master of communicating with horses.

Adriana and Honey

This experiential adventure from Sharing Territory with your horse is the first step in my certification program. The certification program includes journaling, reading materials, video lessons, audio lessons, guided meditations and how to communicate with horses by following a code of conduct, which is natural to all living creatures. The heart of the program is focused on this universal code of conduct found in nature.

The Sharing Territory Certification program has two goals: one is a heightened awareness and finding your true self through self-realization.  The second goal is to develop your leadership abilities, driven from your natural instincts, to empower and enable you to train any horse effortlessly, easily, and naturally.  Your horse will choose to participate as it allows him to celebrate life from the dance that he shares with you.

When your hopes, your dreams, and the real experience are as one, those are the moments your horse will dance with you like magic.

Kay and Trinity

My journey with horses, which I write about in my book Naked Liberty, is the same journey you will be on in my Sharing Territory Certification program. As a child I spent three summers with a herd of wild horses in Garner Valley, CA.  I followed a plan that my father had laid out for me that he felt would lead me to what I wanted to achieve.  What I hoped to gain, by becoming a member of a wild horse herd, was the ability to create a magnetic leadership with horses.  This connection would give me an ability to train a horse from a bonded trust where freedom of choice was never taken away. The way my father suggested that I approach horses put me on a magical journey and this is the same journey that I am offering in this Certification program.

The first year I spent Sharing Territory with a wild herd lead me to riding a wild horse, without training him, because of our bonded trust.  From this foundation I learned the art of communicating with horses and training horses that was beyond any school of mastery in horse training that I could have taken.

Taking my Sharing Territory Certification program is a personal quest to know your authentic self with like minds that will lead you to a deeper joy and to the mastery of the art of communication with horses.

Nikki and Trinity

You will learn how to dance with your horse as your inner child has always dreamed possible.

My programs are constantly growing in numbers and people around the world are learning a natural way to communicate with their horse and how to have a magical relationship.  My last online course had 118 students, with people from all over the world with all different levels of knowledge and skills with horses. People were amazed with what they learned in my course and how I was able to meet their individual coaching needs on a personal level. The format I use in my Insider Circle Course will be similar to the format I use in the Sharing Territory Certification program.  You will also have allot of added direct support and study material to continue you on your journey into the mastery of horse communication and self realization through the training of horses. If you want to know more about the curriculum or the certification process you can write to

Please write in the comment section below if you have any questions about the Academy, the certification programs, your current training or any of my other courses or clinics.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn




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Self Realization through the Training of Horses at Liberty

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