Self Realization through the Training of Horses at Liberty

Self Realization through the Training of Horses at Liberty Photo by Teddie ZieglerOther methods in the training of horses are not geared to work with the true nature of the person and his horse.

The programs I offer meet the needs of the individual student and their horse in order to support and grow the partnership. It is a way of communicating and training a horse in the moments of unity and harmony.   You are training a horse as he is, without force, at the time the horse would respond positively in moments of unity and harmony.

Photo by Teddie Ziegler

If you are joining the Waterhole Rituals online course on September 15/16th, for the first time, you will receive personal attention to help you get started in the program. I will give you a two week try out period so you can see if this course is a good match for you and your horse.   Besides the special attention you get during your bonding time with me, my staff will help with any technical support you may need.  We make it easy for you to acclimate yourself to an online course.  You will be encouraged to go slowly with each step of the Waterhole Rituals in order to deepen your understanding of the horse’s mind, nature and spirit.

The purpose of this course is to build better communication skills from a humanitarian approach.  This program is designed to grow your spiritual development so that you can get back to your authentic self and develop an alignment with who you truly are.

During your process of learning the Waterhole Rituals, I will show you how to use your bond, intuition and feelings to dance with your horse at Liberty, as a way to train a horse.

Learning the Waterhole Rituals will be a life enhancing experience for both you and your horse.

CarolynFrom the path you take, you will acquire universal life skills for communication through the training of horses. You will discover how to stay in harmony and unity with all living things.  You will learn how to influence others to follow your lead and support your interests effortless, easily and naturally in these moments of harmony and unity. Through the process, you will also develop a deeper desire to support others in the way they would like to be supported.  It is a heart felt experience that results in developing the skills of a true horse whisperer.

The Waterhole Rituals online course is given to you at your own pace. I will give you each new step as I see you are ready to move on. We work together as a team in your development.

This course develops your ability in how to bring out the true nature of a horse from the training process.  There is knowledge to be learned from what a horse will and won’t do, while training him, which will bring you a greater understanding of life and your role in it with others. Personal development is gained through the advancement of your horse’s training.

In the process, we are growing humanitarians supporting the evolution of humanity through the ways of horses.

I am happy to announce that we are currently working on a new certification program in my Method and this online class is the first step in the process.  Thank you for all your inquiries into my certification program and for your continued support reading my blog.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn



We are launching “The Carolyn Resnick Academy of Horsemanship”

The spirit of the mission at the Resnick Academy is to develop extraordinary horseman, instructors/trainers and citizens.

At the Academy we are busy designing and developing programs for horse lovers of all levels.  When students are accepted into the Academy, they sign up with the intention of a lifetime of learning.  At various levels of their learning they will be allowed to help others learn, by teaching as an “Associate Instructor” in some of the disciplines below:

  • Meditation with horses and Sharing Territory
  • The Waterhole Rituals
  • The Uberstriechen Exercises
  • Beyond the Waterhole Rituals
  • Bit-less Dressage
  • English/Western Pleasure Riding without Tack
  • Starting a Foal in the Waterhole Rituals
  • Single Lining, Lunging and Basic Ground Work
  • Ground Driving

Each of these disciplines will have their own individual certification process and lessons to accomplish.  Students may apply for the Academy, but final acceptance will be by invitation only.

The cornerstone of the Academy is built on loyalty, integrity and freedom with a love of nature and a respect for all living creatures.  Under my leadership I will develop authentic instructors and representatives of horses and humans.    My Academy, as my method has always been, is to learn how to live with one another in community from the knowledge horses have taught me and to develop the Centaur relationship.

I once had a student tell me that she learned more about relationships from her horse then she has from her Doctor, therapist, marriage counselor and clergy combined.

All of my current classes will remain available to the general public so everyone can experience that magnetic connection with their horses.  The Academy is separate, but will include many of these classes and more.  I am very excited to bring these new programs and type of education to you, so you can enjoy and pass the magic on to make a difference in the world of horses.


2013 Upcoming Events:

September 14-15

You and Your Horse Connecting Through Freedom in North Carolina

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September 15/16 - November 10/11

Waterhole Rituals Online Course - Insider's Circle and Extended Circle Classes

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October 4-8

"Spirituality Through Horses" Clinic in Texas

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November 20-24

Beyond the Waterhole Rituals Clinic in Escondido, California

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January 27-31, 2014

Spirituality Through Horses in The Caribbean

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