Self-Realization Sharing Territory for Horses and Humans

Sharing Territory deepens the bond in the most natural way: pic mustangWhen the bond grows so does your understanding, and out of this understanding you will be able to communicate with your horse in a new way that comes from the time you spend together Sharing Territory.

What you want to develop is an interconnectedness with your horse. It is not the typical relationship that the equestrian world is looking for, but it is one the equestrian world would benefit from. Once you have achieved this kind of partnership much of the training is not needed because your horse learns so rapidly that it is like the horse has already been trained. Things like desensitizing a horse, in most cases, are now not necessary because the horse feels safe in your hands; just from the relationship you have built Sharing Territory.

There are two parts to Sharing Territory:

One is quiet time hanging out separately from your horse and the the other is time where you both are sharing personal space together. In the sharing of personal space there will be times that spontaneous communication will come up. During these times you have an opportunity to shape your horse’s character and develop his herding instincts. I teach how to do this in my online course. The more your horse is in touch with his herding instincts the more he can partner with you.

The herding instinct that you want to bring out in your horse is the one all horses have at birth; to move away from movements coming towards them and to follow movements that are leaving them. What you want to do is develop this tendency to be greater and more dependable. When this is achieved you have an amazing dancing partner at liberty.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerSharing Territory is a forever Ritual because of the nature of horses and their need for companionship. Beyond developing a dancing horse at liberty, it is more important to continue developing the trust of the horse through Sharing Territory and not focusing so much on achieving performance.

Horses are unlike dogs in that you need to continue to build their trust.  Having a relationship with your horse requires your full attention; to the moment, the environment, the changes in the environment, and the changes in your horse’s attitude. This ability will endear your horse to you. Learning how to focus on a wide perspective to all that is around you; your feelings and your horse’s feelings are key. Having this kind of consciousness a horse begins to see you as someone he can trust. Having this consciousness your horse will respect you and seek out your leadership.

By taking on this perspective you will begin to experience your true nature:

You will become more vital. Your education for life will grow. This will create a vibration in you that is almost palatable. Often times I recognize this in my student’s photos of them standing with their horse.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerIn the beginning stages of getting to know your horse, humans want to show their love by placing their hands all over their horse or wanting their horse to want to be with them. These desires need to be quieted down. You want to give your horse the opportunity to choose how he wants to be treated and be able to get to know a you in their own time and in their own way. You want to put your best foot forward by being quiet and without expectations in a neutral state of allowance and awareness. In this state of mind you will evolve to a higher state of consciousness that your horse will recognize thus opening the door to an amazing partnership.

The equestrian world has been developing a bond with a horse by touching a horse all over his body when he does not want to be touched in order to break him into that fact that touching will not hurt him. This kind of schooling develops a certain kind of bond, but not a cross-species bond.

A horse needs to be able to check your body out with his nose and be able to look at you with interest. In this way the horse can take a deep look at you, as well as read your vibrations, when you allow him to do so by being very still. It is a simple ceremony that passes vital information as it relates to trust.

Most animals, especially horses, need to start the relationship with us so that trust deepens the bond rather than removing the personality of the horse. We want this trust to be as deep as possible. The more trust we gain the more a horse will follow our leadership from his instincts to do so. Once a horse forms a bond with his trainer training is a pleasure for the horse.

As the bond and trust deepen the horse will naturally become a bit overbearing. This will look like nipping or biting, pushing or knocking into you. Just before this behavior starts you are able to begin communicating with your horse while Sharing Territory by asking him to move away from you so he learns how you want to be treated and that you have indeed a right to your personal space as he does. This kind of communication shapes your horse’s character to be gentle and caring, which will build a good partnership with your horse.

Photo by Teddie ZieglerAsking your horse to move away from you to retain your personal space or in some cases moving away from your horse will grow the respect and the bond. This behavior is how all horses develop friendships in a herd and how a herd develops into a harmonious family. It is how a mare behaves towards a stallion in order to grow respect as well as the bond. From these interactions a language is born between you and your horse.

When harmony is reached from your ability to shape your horse’s character to respect your rights in all circumstances, you will have gained a magnetic connection with your horse to follow your lead without having to direct him. He will match your movements effortlessly, easily, and naturally. When this happens you have become a family member to your horse. A spontaneous loyalty will emerge between you.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.

Warmly, Carolyn



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