Science vs. Relationship in Communicating with Horses

The idea of looking at communication with horses in a purely scientific manner as opposed to a heart felt relationship aspect is an interesting topic for discussion.  This was brought up in a testimonial I received from a student, which I copied below.  I discuss my opinions on this topic in my response. ----------------------------------------------

A Testimonial from Leanna Kielian:

Dear Carolyn,

Photo by Leanna KielianI just want to tell you again how much I look forward to reading your posts and how much your waterhole courses have changed my way of communicating with the horses and also the dogs here at the "little farm." Nothing I have ever been exposed to even comes close. This includes all the scientific evidence based information taught in school for my Animal Science Degree at Cal Poly, SLO. It doesn't come even close.

I learned a great deal in college and from other excellent and some not so excellent sources (you can learn something from all), but they just didn't have the successful impact and outcome of your teachings.

Sometimes of the insights I have gained from science are so simple, so obvious, except.... they are just not so easy to reach. This is because of what I might term the speed and conditioning of our current society that so pervades in its ability to somehow block/impede what I believe was once our innate natural ability to learn from the "silent words" coming from what I might term the inside out of us.

Your teachings break that barrier if we are willing to be cracked open and allow that seemingly hidden part of us become accessible and gently groom its ability to function and hopefully thrive and grow as another form of precious intelligence, which it certainly is. That is where your lifetime of work and knowledge gained by your experiences developing that intelligence can so powerfully help us on this incredibly rich journey of a lifetime of continual learning.

I think it is actually a matter of learning to learn to hear to those inner messages from within us and partially a matter of allowing ourselves to trust in those messages which we do hear. Most importantly it is an intelligence that to reach it, unconditionally requires slowing down, being fully present in our environment and listening to the flow of information communicated to us by the animals who really have been actively, clearly, and often very loudly, persistently attempting to communicate with us all the time.

Photo by Leanna KielianThe quality and success of our dialog with them requires we educate ourselves to tap that inner ancient ability to interspecies or even interpersonal communication with wise and considerate action or even at times...non action.

Carolyn your lifetime of active introspective study of developing this "intelligence" is, if we are willing, our magical guide to what I might even call returning home to our "True" selves. But yours is so uncommon a skill in our "modern world" it is "Truly" at this time a rare gift that is even more unique because you are able to teach and hone that skill in others.....That is the most precious jewel of a key to your ever clearer way of teaching and sharing your method.

I do hope anyone considering working with you Carolyn trusts in themselves enough to take the plunge and open the beautiful doors to a richer way of being.

Most sincerely with much gratitude,



My Response:

Dear Leanna,

Thank you for appreciating my program and my teachings. I have always felt that science in relationship to understanding how to communicate with animals does not work. I have worked with several biologists who have explained how science gains their understanding of animals. I believe the problem comes from setting out to prove something, missing what is truly present in the nature of the animal.

I do believe that with everything that we are sharing all over the world of what we witness in animal behavior, in simple youtubes, is going to open the understanding of who animals really are faster than science ever thought possible.

I remember a test that the San Diego Zoo did on the intelligence of one species over another. They got in touch with me through Brian Burrage to evaluate a horse that they were using in their experiment. They wanted to know if the horse that they were using, from my perspective, would be considered of average intelligence.

The reason this was important to them is that the test they had done proved that out that all the animals they had tested, the horse was the lowest on the scale. The horse was similar to what they had experienced with the intelligence of a chicken.

I asked them what the test was that got them this result and found out that the reason the horse tested low was because the horse was given a test that a carnivorous animal would test high on but a herbivore would test low. Grass does not need to be hunted down on the run.

What they had done was to hold a horse on one side of the fence, show him his food and then walk it to the far gate (gate left open), then place the food in front of the horse on the opposite side of the fence. The horse could only stand there looking at it, while the other animals who were carnivorous, knew how to go to the open gate and get the food. The chicken and the horse could not.

I had them change the test so instead of it being food to take an offspring of the animal and do the same thing. The horse could easily run to the far gate to join with her foal. The carnivores responded differently by trying to tear the fence down to no avail.

For science to be able to test an animal they need to first know the animal as I know animals. Then there could be headway. Also, I believe that when you know animals the way I know them, there is no need for testing, except for posterity.

I am so pleased that you got so much benefit and could see what it is that I'm bringing to people.

Thank you for writing this testimonial. It touches me deeply.

Warmly, Carolyn


I would love to here your ideas and comments on this subject.

Have a great weekend!  Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings and may the horse be with you.





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